Ghana: A National Counter Terrorism strategy is in the offing

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Government, together with the various security agencies in the country as well as security experts are putting together a National Counter Terrorism strategy document which is expected to guide the country against terrorist attacks.

According to the framers of the document, the process is in its final stage and Ghana will soon have a full document on how to combat terrorist attack.

The Daily Express learnt that already, experts have been engaged and very soon government will be communicating with the nation, to enable Ghanaians and international partners to understand the country’s seriousness towards countering terrorist attacks.

Ibard Ibrahim, an International Relations and Security Expert told this reporter that it is important that Ghana prepare to get such document to keep Ghana’s sovereignty and our territorial integrity safe as well as its assets in the sub-region.

“Some good progresses have been made and we hoping and pray that the stakeholders that are involved in this put in their effort to complete the final work,” he stated.

He commended the government for the key role it played for the initiative to commence and also accepting the idea to get specialized people to work on the document.

“Security is a holistic collective responsibility. The ordinary civilian has a role to play, those in the intelligence centres have roles to play, the media, those in various security agencies have roles to play as well,” he added.

Irbard Ibrahim also explained that the counter terrorism strategy will set a seal and for that matter Ghana will be able to understand and react to some of the issues pertaining to terrorism.

He indicated that “the country strategy as it stands now is not robust enough to prevent any terrorist attack. But the new strategy document will come to our rescue so that Ghana will continue to be safe and to keep its people safe as well.”

“So when there is an emergency situation as a result of a terrorist attack, who response? What role does the BNI and other security agencies play, how do we put to rest dangers in this aspect?” he asked

He reiterated that terrorism is evolving and poses security threats and most security agencies in Ghana are given and will continue to be given conservative training.

“But the threats we are facing in the region keep changing. How do you react to tanker truck with bomb, a vehicle with sophisticated ammunition, how do you react to a terrorist moving people with a truck, how do you react to a person who is well vest in snapper who can go and hide on top of a few crappers in Accra and be shooting down people,” he asked again.

“So therefore we move from conversional reaction to security threat or to a more specialized one. That’s why as a nation we are fine tuning currently to this strategy, so that it becomes a working document in both form and in substance, how it’s going to be and its functions, that will be carried out by which security agency and at what time. Such strategy is long overdue,” he explained further.

The security expert mentioned that Ghana has been doing well in diplomacy and it is important that the country continue to use that strategy as well.

“Ghana has not been exposed to any terrorist attack yet. If many other countries have been attacked what makes Ghana special. We continue to uphold the pacific forum policy posture. When we deploy our soldiers abroad they don’t do so as aggressors when they go to peace keeping missions. They should continue that, and whenever there are challenges that could transform into terrorist activity, let’s use diplomacy, talk to everybody and we should not shut our doors to anybody.”

Source: Fred Yaw Sarpong

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