Ghana Police urged to Investigate how Grenades and Explosives got smuggled into the country

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A security expert, Nana Owusu Sekyere has urged the Ghana Police Service to thoroughly investigate to its logical conclusion how three (3) Ghanaians, including an ISIS recruit, smuggled explosives suspected to be grenades into the country.

In an interview on Morning Xpress on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, the expert said although the police have assured Ghanaians of maximum protection, it is very crucial they look beyond interception and interrogation of the suspects and work to guarantee the safety of the country.

A statement issued on Monday by the Director-General of Public Affairs at the Ghana Police Service, ACP David Eklu, assured that Police had started “investigating the matter in coordination with the relevant agencies” and further assured the public to remain calm.

But Nana Sekyere, who believes there is no time to waste in getting to the bottom of the matter, told Kofi Oppong Asamoah, the host of the show, that: “It could be that they [suspects] are connected to other people beyond the shores of this country… the police should conduct extensive investigation beyond what we know, because what we know cannot be conclusive.”

He advised the media to be circumspect on how to give commentary on the matter and ensure that they do not create “unnecessary” panic in the country, adding that the government tasks the security agencies to intensify checks at the country’s borders.

He said though the country has challenges with the requisite resources for combating the influx of such explosives, government ought to prioritise protecting the borders against external aggression since the world has changed its ways of fighting attacks, establishing that no country is immune to attack.

He added that government should be ready to protect its citizens by putting measures in place to sanction that, noting that security agencies should be prepared for such occurrences and device measures to cull it.

Siting the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 as an example, then security expert posited that “the truth of the matter is that after 9/11, the world changed. Global security changed [and] we ought to have been learning from 9/11,” and added that the repercussion of it is what has traveled into other European countries as well as Africa where the activities of ISIS have been common.

He also advocated for the citizens of the country to be sensitised to be security concious and know how to react to such issues especially, by engaging Secirity analysts in the media to that effect.

He commended the Media for initiating the education of citizens on security matters but urged government totake keen interest in it and support it in the face of security threats in the subregion.


Police intercepted seven (7) grenades and other explosives on the suspects who were apprehended based on police intelligence.

According to sources, one of the suspects, Abdul Karim, was nabbed at Agape in Accra through police intelligence and he subsequently led to the arrest of two other suspects, Osman Alhassan, 33, and Ishmael Ali Musa, 31.

It is believed Ishmael Ali Musa has ties with terrorist group ISIS in Libya.

Source: || Morning Xpress

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