Ghana Politics – Are you losing Interest?

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The culture of sense of entitlement is gradually taking over our politics. The phenomenon is sweeping the parties. We cannot argue or debate without throwing nasty and demeaning punches at each other, it is becoming difficult for political opponents to genuinely and warmly hug one another after their studio debate. In life and in politics when egos are in the back seat, good things happen. Let’s honor, respect and agree to disagree to put the egos where they belong.

We can make all the ears splitting noise and rant all we want about the insufferable and destructive attitudes and policies of our governments, but the divine truth be told, virtually all politicians are sorely lacking. We have buried the divine principle that ‘A politician should be first and foremost a public servant’ We serve our interest more than to serve the of the masses. Our politicians seldom back the public good over their parochial interest where the greater public good conflicts with their personal interest. The little i know is that- the welfare of the nation should always take precedence over the narrow interest of a political party, or an individual. This is not the case this time a handful of politicians today, encompass this principle. The truth is that many of our politicians today, young and old, are driven primarily by their ego.

This phenomenon is gradually permeating into our political parties causing tensions and unnecessary clashes. Some of the young activists appear to have strong egos and full of bluster and bravado and at times over exhibit these traits. Many think they have to be better than they are, in other to be recognised or respected in their parties. Some start to nurture their ambition of becoming a minister, deputy minister, party executive etc at age 15 haha and will aggressively pursue their ambition and will do all within his/her means and capacity to push these aggressive traits. It is difficult managing activists who are highly entitled. The emotional and behavioral effects we seeing in the parties as a result of this phenomenon will continue to torment all the parties unless something is done about it to curb its escalation. Today, the party executives of the npp are being hailed by their party folks whilst their colleagues in the NDC are going through serious challenges and attacks because of the election results. The NPP executives will taste same fire if the party goes to opposition.

This morass is gradually becoming a tormenting albatross on our parties. The moment their parties land in opposition, the immediate decision they take is fighting to become party executives. Some of the young ones take advantage of the usual “internal turbulence” associated with election defeat to push their agenda and former other senior officers who feel insecure, see occupying executive positions as the best security. When they combine their self- centeredness with their programmed ambitions, the result is often disaster for their parties. We also have others who are exposed to strong utopian traditions who will not succumb to political modernisation however good they may be. Their thoughts and actions are driven by dogmatic ethos

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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