Ghana seeks to raise some Ghs11m in Q1 of 2018 through debt securities

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Government of Ghana is seeking to raise some GHS11,133.91 million in the first quarter of 2018 through debt securities. Of the amount, GHS8,961.30 million will be used to roll over maturities. The remaining GHS2,164.61 million will be used to meet the government’s financing requirements for the period.

A statement issued by the Debt Management Office of the Ministry of Finance stated that about GHS5 billion in 91-days treasury bills will be issued in January, February and March while a total of GHS1.8 billion in 182-days treasury bills will also be issued in the period. Economists assert the reduction in this year’s figure reinforces Government’s move to reduce the country’s debt stock.
Meanwhile, one year and two years notes amounting to about GHS2.5 billion will also be auctioned. A three-year GHS600 million and a year GHS5 one billion bond will be auctioned in March and February respectively. This year’s figure is much lower than the figure raised by the government in the same period last year.

In the first quarter of 2017, the government announced it will raise GHS17,400.00 million through bonds and treasury bills and other government securities. The cash was to be used to roll over forecast maturities, meet the government’s financing requirements and build buffers for liability management.

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