Ghanaian businessman plans multimillion dollar pornographic hub for Accra

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Ghanaian youths and their counterparts in the west African sub-region who are not camera-shy with and have interest to act full blown adult movies, will from the beginning of March 2019 get the privilege of exhibiting their talents to the international community, through the ingenuity of a America based Ghanaian Businessman and his partners. They are set to launch the first ultramodern pornographic media hub in Ghana to serve the entire West Africa sub-region, has reliably gathered.

According to our information, when launched, the Ghanaian porn infrastructure will be bigger and lucrative than the first all-black pornographic movie hub called Mapona (which means Naked in SeSotho) launched in South Africa with just a capital of 5 million dollars.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the Chief Executive Officer of, (name withheld), said, considering the big market for porn consumers in west Africa, they will be starting with an initial capital of USD15 million for the first six months, and that would make it the single largest investment ever in the porn business in Africa.

According to him, their market survey and projections indicate that should they be able to attract about 30million unique visitors to their pay-per-view porn Web sites, with good content, they would be keeping their visitors glued to the website for long hours and with this they would be making fortunes out of their investment.

He explained that, most adults (pornographic) movies in Ghana and Africa are mostly made in America, Asia or Europe origin, while domestic contents were made by unscrupulous tourist abusers.

According to New York Times Publication in 2011, Pornography is big business with a $10 billion to $14 billion in annual sales, perhaps pornography is bigger than any of the major league sports, bigger than Hollywood.

He said, Ghana is endowed with so many talented young guys and ladies who are ready to showcase their beauty and talent to the world.

He said, as part of their long-term investment, plans are far advanced to build a “sex arena”, where adults with sound financial background can go watch and have live sex, have gentle message and private sex and other hardcore adult entertainments.

He advised young men and women in Ghana trying to join the pornographic film industry not to lose hope, as great opportunity will be knocking at their doorsteps so they could realize their long cherish dream.

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