“Ghana’s laws must be enforced” –Man-of God

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The head pastor of Builders of Salvation Church, Apostle John Smith Degenu, has noted that Ghana needs the enforcement of rules and laws in the country to the latter in order to enable her overcome her economic problems.

He noted that there are laws in the country’s constitution and other statute books, which are supposed to regulate the society for the betterment of all, however, these laws and regulations have been relegated to the background, with each Ghanaian doing what pleases him to the detriment of the country and its economic development.

Apostle Jonny, as he is affectionately called made this observation in a sermon at Upper Weija-Bulemi in Accra at the end of a four-day power-packed women’s retreat which ended last Sunday.

Basing his sermon on the theme of the programme “Seek ye first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness and …” (Matt. 6:33), he pointed out that God in His wisdom has instructed man to seek his righteousness first and all other things would be added unto him.

In the same vain, he observed that, God expects Ghanaians to do the righteous (right) thing, ie. by obeying laws and regulations and every other thing, e.g. prosperity will be added onto him if he obeyed the laws of the land, he noted are, liberty and good life.

Apostle Jonny indicated that God has explicitly asked mankind “If you love me, obey my instructions. As such, it behooves on Ghanaian who profess to love the country to obey her laws for better life and prosperity. Apostle Jonny maintained that the Lord ’s Prayer has indicated that all that is good that is done in heaven be done on earth.

In this vein, what is right and just should be done in the country to enhance her economic advancement for the betterment of her citizenry.

According to him, if this tenet is adhered to religiously Ghana’s economic emancipation will be enhanced for the subsequent benefit of her citizens. The apostle pointed out that when Moses died and Joshua succeeded him, God instructed him not to depart from God’s ways and the laws given to Moses. He indicated that because Joshua did what God asked him to do, he was successful and able to send the Israelites to the Promised Land.

Apostle Jonny further admonished Ghanaians to be law abiding so as to enable them gain the glory of God. He charged those (Ghanaians) to be foolish to satisfy God, rather than being wise onto themselves and falling down into temptation.

Interspersing his sermon with music he tasked Ghanaians to endeavor to do not only the work of God, but also abide by laws of the land so as to receive God’s blessings and their concomitant prosperity.

Apostle Jonny opined that if Ghanaians obeyed laws on cleanliness, which is next to Godliness, they would avoid indiscriminate dumping of refuse and subsequently reduce the scope of falling sick and thus decrease spending on medical expenses.

He urged leaders from all fronts – the church, mosques, traditional rulers and many more, to rise up and lead the crusade on law abiding so as to transform the society for the betterment of all.

Apostle Jonny could not comprehend why people should evade taxes and why revenue collectors should under declare their revenue only to fill their pockets at the expense of the state.

According to him, if all rules and regulations in the country were followed religiously by all, and law enforcement agencies lived up to expectation, the country will develop fast as such countries live Malasia, Korea and others with whichGhana started the journey of development.

The host pastor, Ernest Kwakye attributed the success story of the retreat to the Holy Ghost. According to him, being the host church for the retreat, and first times of the occasion, they prayed fervently to God for his blessing and grace, hence the success so chalked.

Source: S. O. Ankamah

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