GIPC welcomes Canada Containers into Ghana

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The Director of Investor Services at the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mr Edward Ashong-Lartey has welcomed new entrants, Canada Containers into Ghana, assuring them of the Centre’s tacit support while operating in the country.

“We are happy to receive you permanently into Ghana after only four months of being part of a trade mission to this country; we want to assure you of our support as you do business here,” Mr Ashong-Lartey said during a formal opening ceremony to outdoor the company on Wednesday.
Canada Containers, a Brazilian manufacturing company, recently announced its presence in Ghana with a commitment to position its hub in Ghana and expanding its activities to other countries inWest Africa.
The Company,which specializes in the production of differentiated product logistics for use across several industries through the transformation of containers, was part of a delegation of Brazilian investors who visited Accra in August this year on a Trade and Investment Mission organised by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Wilson Mendonca Jr, Head of the International Division, of the company said “Canada Containers will not only be exporting finished products from Brazil, but also intends in the medium-term to start manufacturing locally, using raw materials as well as labour from Ghana thus adding value to the local economy”.

As part of efforts to showcase its manufacturing expertise, Canada Containers held an exhibition at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Canada Container’s wide-ranging infrastructure products can be used by a multiplicity of industries and sectors which include Construction, Mining, Health, Education, Agribusiness, Commercial activities (Trading/Shops), Urban/Rural housing and also for the Hospitality sector.

“Based on the demands we have identified, we intend to offer products and projects that will cater for low-income sectors in rural and urban housing, warehouses for the storage of grain and other commodities, customized modules for health posts, schools, churches, offices, vocational training centers, washrooms and toilets, security guards posts and other products,” management of the Company said.

With over 19 years’ experience, Canada Containers is a key reference point and an industry standard for modular structures. With its own manufacturing system, the company stands out by offering complete and customized solutions. Currently, its differentiated logistics system and specialized assembly team guarantee agility and speed in the mobilization and demobilization of structures of all sizes and coverage throughout Brazil.

Source: Isaac Aidoo||The Finder

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