Glo Mobile refuses to glow in Ghana, Management furious

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Information intercepted by The Republic indicates that leading Nigerian telecommunications network, Globacom, is breathing on the neck of their Ghanaian counterparts amid growing frustrations stirred by low sales record in Ghana.

The intention of the Nigerian investor is now clear, following a distressed order from Nigeria to Ghana to cut down bloated expenses and reckless spending by the current managers of Glo Mobile Ghana.

What makes matters worse is the fact that overall turnover in sales has been poor. This has compelled the management in Nigeria to take drastic measures to cut down cost of operations.

The branding, marketing communications and the national sales departments of the company are the worst hit.

Currently, Glo services and customer care are non-existent in the Volta Region, while, on the other hand, in the three northern regions, they have been using the distributors’ shops for the customer care.

Now, the whole of the Volta Region has no customer service centre.  The network in the region has also been very bad, leaving customers to their own fate.

This situation, according to insider sources, has not yielded the desired results for smooth-running of affairs. Again, the big men inflate the operational costs and share the booty among themselves, without using it for the intended purpose.

Following intense pressure from the Nigerians, Glo Mobile Ghana has recalled the official vehicles of some of its staff, creating a lot of agitations among the staff.

A directive has thus been issued by the national sales officer that some 4×4 Hiluxes currently in the possession of some staff be delivered to the Kaneshie premises.

Some of the vehicles recalled include GR 9126 12, GR 9122 12, GR 9127 12, GR 9123 12, GR 7329 12, GR 9125 12, GR 7327 11, GR 9128 12, GC 9589 11 and GR 7324 11, were being used by staff at Greater Accra, Volta and Ashanti regions.

It appears recent developments at Glo Ghana point to a disappointing record of low sales which is reported to have infuriated the company bankroller and Group President, Dr. Mike Adenuga.

The Glo brand is fast sinking and almost at dead in Ghana, a situation likely to send the Nigerian telecom company packing out of the country.

The exercise, which is viewed as discriminatory and selective, is only targeted at the Ghanaian staff, even though some few Nigeria staff is affected. It is believed that their cars will be later given to them under the disguise of inclusivity.

According to the workers who have fallen victim to this exercise, the vehicle is the most singular important working tool for the operations and taking it from them without recourse will greatly affect their work.

The staff members have been using their own money to service the cars allocated to them with their meager salaries while the company, Glo, gives them little support.

Unlike their Nigerian counterparts, who receive salary increments, the Ghanaian staff have not had any salary increment since the beginning of its operations in the country. The Ghanaian staff have been marginalized and denied better working conditions.

In a related development, the unannounced closure of its customer centres, that is the Glo World shops, was creating a lot of inconveniences to subscribers/customers of the network, particularly those in the Volta Region.

In some parts of the country, Glo network has been irregular, frustrating and exacerbating the plight of the customers. Customers feel that they are short-changed of their investment.

The company, within a year, has changed over four times, Head of Business and recruited some staff from other FMCG.

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