Government using Fake NCA Report to Divert the Attention of Ghanaians from Akufo-Addo’s $100,000 Brouhaha

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President Akufo-Addo and his propaganda operatives in collaboration with some security operatives turned politicians working with the some state intelligence agencies, have designed plans to cover up the rottenness of the Akufo-Addo government and divert attention from the extortion scandal.

Government is using the fake NCA report purported to have been conducted by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to divert the public’s attention from the corruption in the administration and the extortion scandal being discussed across the globe.

The selective claims from the alleged BNI reports do injustice to the presumption to innocence of the officials and was primarily meant to politically humiliate them before they had their day in court. This is a deliberate attempt by the Akufo-Addo – led government to manipulate the sensibilities of Ghanaians.

It has become the style of this administration to distract attention using some unscrupulous characters in some of our respected state institutions. Right now, a matter of urgent national importance arresting the attention of all and sundry is that of the US$100,000 to $15,000 the President through the Ministry of Trade unethically collected from expatriate businessmen which is being discussed across the globe. Instead of instituting thorough investigation into this disgraceful act, the President in connivance with his cabal are shamelessly playing on the intelligence and psyche of Ghanaians taking undue advantage of that fake BNI report.

The BNI’s professionalism has been questioned as the politicians have manipulated the entire process.

It is the responsibility of the BNI just like all other intelligence agencies across the globe to ensure that all our security strategies and information are well coordinated and to also ensure that state security information doesn’t get unscrupulous persons and dangerous organizations. Part of its professional ethics is to manage information furnished them carefully to prevent so that it does not get to perpetrators and their agents.

This was the reason National Security didn’t advertise the procurement of the intelligence gathering equipment.

The BNI has breached its own professional ethics (Security/Confidentiality) by aiding the politicians to put out this sensitive issue in the public domain. It has also compromised Ghana’s security landscape all in the name of aiding witch hunters.

Why should the BNI allow a journalist working with a private radio station participate in a conversation with the Information Minister. If the arrangement was made by the Information Minister, has the BNI found out from the minister why he allowed the journalist to participate in that sensitive discussion?

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