Government’s contract with Vokacom for the GhanaPost GPS App is a sham – GPS expert

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A UK based Ghanaian GPS expert, Kingsley Kormla Elikem Mortey, has described the government’s contract with Vokacom for the development of the GhanaPostGPS App is a sham.

He said the US$2.5 million that has been paid to Vokacom was too much for a system that according to him already exist.

Mr Mortey said this at a media engagement event in Accra on Monday lamented on the fact that the current government paid a whopping $2.5 million of the Ghanaian tax payers’ money for a “so called Digital address system.

At a press conference dubbed “Stripping bare the fictitious Ghana Post GPS” the acclaimed IT guru said

“we already have a digital address system in the country for free so why do we have to go and pay for it.

“we shouldn’t have paid anything.  We already have open codes which states that the codes are free to everyone and even business so do we have to pay 2.5 million US Dollars to get an app?” he queried.

He revealed further that the Ghana Post GPS is a replication of the Asaase GPS because all the features of the two Apps are the same.

“If you want to copy, is that how we copy? Word for word. Comma for comma. What kind of lazy work is that” he asked.

“You can do it on your phone and you will get your location. Now, why do I need an app?  The location is the Digital Address System and if it is about directions, I can start and it will take me all the way to that place. In the app introduced, there is nothing like that” he stated.

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