Gov’t can’t Fight Corruption alone -Abdalla Banda

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Offinso South in the Ashanti Region, Hon. Ben Abdalla Banda has observed that government alone cannot win the fight against corruption.

Rather, it demands the crusading and endeavors of all in the fight.

While pointing out that fighting corruption ultimately depends on values, he was quick to point out that these values do not only belong to political parties and Leadership, but values of the Public service, and as an ultimate check the values of the civil service as a whole.

Hon. Banda who also doubles as Chairman for the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, made these observations in his opening remarks at a three–day Stakeholders Conference in respect of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) Bill 2017 in Parliament.

He pointed out that the bill is intended to set up the office, whose mandate will be to investigate and prosecute corruption and corruption–related offences.

According to him, since Parliament alone cannot undertake such an important National Assignment all alone, the committee had decided to seek the inputs of stakeholders as far as the controversies and passions about this Bill, which it had generated of recent times, was concerned.

Hon. Banda further indicated that this explained why Parliament in its wisdom deemed it necessary to have a brainstorming session of such nature put together, so that “we can all ultimately take ownership of its project which is so dear to the heart of everyone. Your invaluable contributions to the passage of this bill into a formidable law, are therefore of paramount importance to the committee in particular and Parliament as a whole,” he stressed.

The Chairman buttressed this by quoting Mr. Ong Ran Boon, who once was a Minister for Home Affairs in Singapore in the 60s when Lee Kuan Yew was Prime minister then.

“A government cannot survive; no matter how good its intentions are, if corruption exists in its ranks and its public service on which it depends to provide the efficient and effective machinery to translate its policies into actions”.

Hon. Banda noted that the philosophy underpinning the preamble of the 1992 Constitution, the code of Conduct for Public Offices under Chapter 24 and the Directive principles of State Policy, especially Article 34 (8), is to ensure that every Ghanaian benefits from the National cake, and that no one should unlawfully appropriate to himself what he is not entitled to, so that all can live in peace and harmony.

He pointed out that one of the greatest dangers of corruption is the loss of Public confidence and trust in public institutions.

This loss, he indicated, if not restored could ultimately erode the efforts of arousing National consciousness and Nation Building.

Source: S. O. Ankamah

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