Gov’t condemns Armed Gang attack on Kwabenya Police Station

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Government has condemned the armed gang that attacked and freed suspected armed robbers who were in the custody of the Kwabenya Police station in the early hours of Sunday January 21, 2018 culminating in the death of a police officer, Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi.

“Government condemns the criminal conduct of these elements in the strongest possible terms. There is a man hunt for these criminal elements and we have no doubt in our minds that they will be brought to face justice. Government takes this opportunity to express its deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased police man, Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi.”

Speaking at a news conference in Accra on Monday on a wide range of issues, Minister for Information, Mustapha Hamid, said while this is an isolated incident that has unsettled the Ghanaian populace, it wishes to continue to assure the Ghanaian people that the security agencies are working to ensure the general safety of the population.

The preventive mechanism of the police service according to him remains intact which helps to nib such occurrences in the bud before they become full blown criminal activity. One of such example, he said, is the diligence of the police service with the cooperation of the public which led to the exposure of certain people who had in their possession explosives with which they could have caused harm to the population.

The police, Hamid said, continue to deploy this preventive mechanism to ensure that criminal elements are arrested before they deploy their activity. He stated that as everywhere else in the world, certain criminal elements manage once in a while to beat the system in order to perpetuate their crimes. When this occurs, the Information Minister stressed that police service has worked hard to arrest the perpetrators and make sure that they face justice.

Commenting to on fake news on salaries, he said, over the weekend, there has been in circulation on WhatsApp, a release signed in the name of Mr. Eugene Ofosuhene, the Controller and Accountant General titled, “delay in processing January 2018 salary”. The said release alleges that payment of January 2018 salaries to public sector workers will be delayed.

The Information Minister stated that “I wish to state that, it is fake news and should be disregarded. The Controller and Accountant General has sent payment advice of public sector workers to their various banks last Friday 19th January 2018.”

Source: Adovor Nutifafa


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