Grandmaster cautions against Facebook Fraudsters

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The leader of the Kejebi Shrine and Grand Master of the Making Dreams Reality (MDR) spiritual society in the Northern Region, Chief Naatia Salifu has cautioned the general public to be cautious of fraudsters using his name on Facebook to extort huge sums of money from the unsuspecting public.

According to him, he has received several reports from people who claim to have contacted him via Facebook and were asked to transfer monies through his mobile money account, which they did.

He said in an interview that, “There were occasions when people come  to me and say, I was the one who transfer the money to you through mobile money. When I asked them, they tell me they liked me on Facebook and after chats I asked them to send me money through mobile money.”

“I just want to tell people to be very cautious of such people on Facebook. There are people using may name on Facebook. These are fraudsters and if one is not careful, they will be duped.”

He described the trend as worrying and said, most of the victims who fell for this scam, do come to him and insisted of sending him money for which he knew nothing about.

Naatia was speaking in an exclusive interview where he indicated that the development is giving him a bad image and for that matter, advised people to be vigilant so as not to fall victims of such fraudulent activities.

He explained that, after receiving such complaints, he decided to make his own background checks which indeed revealed that there are many Facebook accounts opened by these fraudsters in his name with the account name ‘Naatia’, ‘chiefNaatia, ‘Natia’, and sometimes with his photograph.

“But the interesting thing is that these people use my pictures on their page. Most of the pictures are captured from Google and sometimes from my videos.”

“What I want to say is that nobody to search for me on social media. Don’t look for my number on social media, on facebook. As I am speaking now, almost 45 people are using my name and my pictures on social media, Chief Naatia, chief Naatia just to defraud people or to spoil my name. I receive a lot of complaints about this people.”

Chief Naatia also explained that, the name is a spiritual name given from the heavens and is unique to him alone, “the name is unique and spiritual and anybody who is using that name to dupe people will face the consequences.”

He therefore asked the unsuspecting public not to entertain any Facebook account created in him name if they are not too sure of the source.

“If you like me and wand me to help you, call me on 0244014405,” he said.

According to him, he has suffered for the past 28 years to build his image, name and reputation and people want to take advantage to destroy it.

He also urged people who visit his residence seeking for assistance not to release any money to anybody when he, Chief Naatia himself is not present.

He however indicated that he will continue her investigations until these fraudsters are arrested.


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