Greater Accra CLOSSAG plans Strike Action of ‘Special Assistants’ takeover

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The Greater Accra Regional branch of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana (CLOGSAG) has petitioned to convene a National Executive Council to explore ways to end the takeover of Civil Servants roles by Special Assistants.

The Civil Servants are also demanding that the CLOGSAG NEC declares a strike action if their concerns are not heeded.

The petition was the outcome of a meeting of members of CLOGSAG in the region. CLOGSAG says even though political interference in the civil and local government service is not new, they are worried at the proportions it is assuming.

“As a responsible Union/Association we did not jump to make an issue out of this undeserved practice but felt that the system would heal itself. Rather the situation is gradually becoming entrenched with dire consequences,” the petition stated.

They are worried at the situation where high ranking Civil Servants have been reduced to subordinates of Special Assistants appointed by political heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Greater Accra CLOGSAG says even though the Ministers engaged in this practice have been notified, they are not bothered by their concerns.

“We are not saying that Special Assistants should not be employed by the Ministers in carrying out their functions neither do we hate Special Assistants. All we are saying is that the Ministers should give necessary room for serving officers to operate efficiently,” CLOGSAG asserted.

CLOGSAG says it is also concerned about the increasing situation where its members are denied study and capacity building opportunities.

“Should we keep quite? No! No! No! Because it does not augur well for the ministry or the nation,” they lamented.

The workers are also unhappy with some Ministers assuming roles that are meant for the Civil Servants.

“We also wish to draw the attention of the national Secretariat to a situation where officers posted to a Ministry are expected to await the consent of the Minister before officers could be assigned,” CLOGSAG stated.

They also expressed their anger at the Finance Ministry for appointing Special Assistants to Boards instead of Civil Servants.

“We humbly ask the Minister of Finance to reverse the current trend so that serving officers would be made to serve on Boards and other bodies as Board members.”

“Again where there are Special Assistants encumbering civil service positions would we find in the coming days the return to the status quo where structures in the ministry are applied and respected,” they demanded.

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