Group slams Sam Okudzeto and the General Legal Council

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A group by name “United for National Interest” has taken the General Legal Council (GLC) to the cleaners, describing the Council’s actions as “lawless, discriminatory and arbitrary.”

At a press conference during the week convener of the group, Emmanuel korsi Senyo said “we as a group are deeply worried about the operations of the General Legal Council. It is difficult to comprehend how a Council put in place by law, to regulate lawyers could be so lawless and arbitrary in its operations.”

Mr. Korsi Senyo, called on the General Legal Council to investigate all the lawyers the group has already petitioned against to show fairness in the application of rules of touting.

The “United for National Interest” has been advocating for the lifting of the three year ban imposed on renowned Human Rights lawyer, Francis-Xavier Sosu, by the General Legal Council, for engaging in touting and personal advertisement, an offence the GLC described as gross breach of the ethics of the legal profession. According to the group, other lawyers have engaged in similar acts but have not been cited for offending the legal profession.

The group demanded that Mr. Sam Okudzeto, a member of the disciplinary committee of the General Legal Council that handed the ban to Mr. Sosu be removed from the committee and investigated on same allegations because a petition has been filed against him.

The Convener said “In our petition, we sought to suggest that the content of Mr. Okudzeto’s website and a careful use of certain words and phrases amounts substantially to touting and personal advertising and same is in gross breach of the ethics of his profession and a lawyer of his stature should know better, especially when he lectures in the specific field of ethics. Let’s us be bold to defend forever the freedom and justice that we enjoy as a country without discrimination.’’

The group has served notice that if the General Legal Council refuses to investigate Mr. Okudzeto who is one of their own, they will be left with no option than to resort to the Human Rights court with an application of mandamus to compel them to do their public duty as required by law.

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