Harold Boateng, Looting Brigades storm NHIA

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This news website has uncovered what seems to be a well thought out scheme hatched by some big shots in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) positioned at the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to fleece and collapse the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Unknown to the already burdened Ghanaian worker who is being cunningly coerced into parting with an extra 1% of his monthly salary to support the scheme, a few members of the NPP who have found their way to the scheme are withdrawing huge sums of money from the accounts of the authority under the guise of stakeholder engagements, some of which never happened.

We have in our possession a couple of eye pooping documents and photocopies of cashed cheques by one Harold Boateng, a known associate of President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.

In our series of exposè on some of the on going rots that has engulfed the scheme bringing it to a near collapse, we publish a December 20, 2017 memo detailing how Mr. Harold Boateng single handedly raised a memo and got an approval to cash an amount of two hundred and thirty thousand Ghana cedis over the counter for what he described as stakeholders forum to discuss the “Challenges, success and way forward for the NHIA.”

What is most shocking is how according to our sources, the memo was raised and approved long after the money had been cashed from the Authoritie’s Ecobank account.

Also, it was discovered that the cheque was cashed by Mr. Harold Boateng himself within 30 minutes after the approval was given.

In the said memo, Mr. Boateng who requested for the money indicated that the money was for a stakeholder engagement with managers, media and interest groups that same day the 20th day of December 2017 at 5pm. However the memo did not state where exactly the programme was going to take place, we also discovered that on that same day at 4 PM, there was an end of year programme at the premises of the NHIA, an event that was graced by all board members, top management and all ten(10) regional managers of the scheme and the event run late into the night.

Further details at our disposal shows that there was no such activity as captured in the memo of Harold Boateng. The question that comes to mind is “WHERE IS THE TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND CEDIS” that Mr. Harold Boateng cashed?

Source: mahoakonline.com

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