Hassan Ayariga blasts Akufo-Addo and the Gov’t 

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The President Akufo-Addo led government has come under another severe scrutiny from the Founder and Leader All People’s Congress (ACP), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, for borrowing billions of dollars but cannot account for it when it comes to socio economic development culminating in hardship in country.

He said “President Akufo-Addo led Government has borrowed billions of dollars since assuming office but who can tell me what tangibly those monies went into. The intelligent borrowing we are seeing now is to borrow and chop. We make huge allocations in the budgets and achieve none of them.

Now we are looking up to promises that have no evidence of being fulfilled. Market women are crying daily of the hardship in the markets, drivers are lamenting high fuel and spare parts prices. The schools are facing many problems under the rashly implemented free SHS. We have begun borrowing from the World Bank to finance the much touted free education program. The new income tax regime was carefully crafted to take more from the Ghanaian worker.”

Speaking on wide range of issues such as ghost presidential staffers, removal and replacement of public servants, Ghana Post GPS, corruption at the flagstaff house, kenbonds scandal, dubious budgets among others at a news conference in Accra, he says the presidency is spending close to 2billion on its operations this year alone.

He called on the President to make public disclosure on the number presidential staffers working at the seat of Government, stating that “up till now no one knows the actual number of presidential staffers on payroll. The rumors are that there are over 2000 presidential staffers. Who they are we don’t know yet. Parliament has been requesting for the list but for some strange reasons the list is a secret document.

Presidential staffers have been given leeway and are mesmerizing state offices recklessly. Our health insurance scheme is crippling under the watch of extravagant managers. We have seen documents indicating a whopping GHc230, 000.00 was spent on a stakeholder engagement that never took place. The memo for that release was authored by the board secretary of the authority. We are however picking allegations that so-called stakeholders ‘engagement for which the cash was doled out did not take place. The question is who chopped the money?”

On dubious budget, the Founder and Leader of ACP says it was disturbing the unprecedented budgets the Akufo Addo government is running, adding that in its first year a whopping GHc1.5billion was doled out to the presidency; double the budget of his predecessor. Strangely, Dr Ayariga said, in the second year it shot up to GHc1.9billion.

He said “What is happening in the Flagstaff House?  We need to know what we are spending our money on.’’

Commenting on the dismissal of civil servants, he was livid that a considerable number of individuals working in the public sector of the economy were dismissed and replaced with person’s perceived to be loyal to the NPP. He asks “how are they surviving? Does the state care about them? What about their families?”

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