Hi Tech “Aboboyaa” Ambulances pop up in Parliament

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That tricycle Ghanaians have named “Aboboyaa” has been utilized for many purposes since it was introduced in the country a few years ago.

Among the uses of ‘Aboboyaa’ include carting of load (of all forms), pure water, use as “borla car” especially in Accra and other cities. Aboboyaa is even used as passenger cars in most rural communities.

Recently, Aboboyaa version of Ambulances popped up at the forecourt of parliament thereby causing a lot of concerns and uproar.

Thus, whereas some think that these sort of Aboboyaa Ambulances cannot be effective, others believe that they could be effective, especially in the rural areas where they are supposed to be sent to operate.

We bring you pictures of Aboboyaa Ambulances as they stand at the forecourt of Parliament House.

Source: S.O Ankamah


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