High Unemployment Rate: YPYC empowers youth to embrace entrepreneurship

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The Young Professionals and Youth Coalition (YPYC) – a network for youth empowerment has urged the youth of Ghana to change their mind set and embrace entrepreneurship to enhance their skills and talents development so as to minimize the unemployment rate in the country.

The conference makes it possible to engage the youth continuously towards the development of a workforce through hard work, resourcefulness, patriotism and competence.

Speaking on the theme “Re-positioning Entrepreneurship for Rapid Job Creation,” the Chief Executive Officer of YPYC, Andy Osei Okrah, said, the conference is geared towards enhancing the abilities, skills and talents of the youth to enable them create jobs and become entrepreneurs.

“Most graduates think of applying for a job after education which is very difficult, so we are trying to empower them on how they can explore to create something for themselves after school,” he emphasized.

According to him, it is time to change the mind-set of the youth for entrepreneurship so they can also employ others to minimize the high rate of unemployment and enhance the sociolo-economic development of the country.

Osei Okrah further called on the government to create a conducive environment to enable the youth to operate in a more vibrant and innovative way to enable them to think and be creative in owning a business after education.

He also asked the government to strengthen the teaching of creative thinking and entrepreneur skills in the basic educational curriculum.

“We are pointing at government to give us the enabling environment to operate as young entrepreneurs and to create something for ourselves,” he added.

He also advised the youth to learn from successful entrepreneurs through mentoring practices in order to achieve the best.

“We now mentoring the youth by introducing them to the right successful entrepreneurs to help them overcome their fears during the stage of entrepreneurship,” he stated.

He appealed to government to financially support the young entrepreneurs by donating some money as a start-up capitals. He also urged private financial institutions like the Banks to help the young entrepreneurs through loans to enable them establish themselves in business.

A former minister of Tourism, Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare, praised the YPYC for organizing such a conference which enables professionals to come together to educate the youth on entrepreneurial skills that can lead them to become entrepreneurs.

“It is proper to take initiatives like this to help the youth become entrepreneurs, because it is now clear that graduates can no longer wait on the government to employ them,” she said.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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