How CEOs of Mensvic, Erata and McDan ‘robbed’ Property Owners at East Legon

Three known top businessmen in Ghana, including the Chief Executive Officers of Mensvic Hotel, ERATA Hotel and McDan Group of Companies have hatched a sinister plot and defiled Court judgment to take over landed properties belonging to the Toboase family of La, at East legon.

The Toboase family of La is by an undisputed judgment and the outcomes of the set up government commission of enquiry known as the Alomatu Committee, the allodia owners of parcels of lands located around Shiashi, Burma camp, Spintex and all around the airport enclave.

It would be recalled that on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 some land guards dressed in military uniform invaded an area in East Legon, a popular place called Bush Canteen to pull down structures and threaten the lives of residents on the land.

These land guards were believed to have been contracted by the CEO of Mensvic Hotel who has decided to take over the said land with the claims that he had bought the land from the owners.

This paper has also gathered that there are similar situations at other parts of East Legon, Spintex Road and the Airport enclave where the CEOs of ERATA Hotel and McDan Shipping Company are allegedly threatening residents on their lands.

Meanwhile, on that faithful Tuesday, the land guards who were employed by the CEO of Mensvic Hotel to demolish structures in the area, did so without any Court order, rendering many people on the land homeless since Mensvic Hotel CEO who provided cover for some of the land guards when the police stormed the area, later came to the land and had the place locked up.

The land-guards fired gun shots sporadically to disperse the angry residents as their buildings were flattened; and residents had to salvage whatever belongings they could lay their hands on.

The victims held that they acquired the lands from the traditional heads of the area, who also laid claim to the stool land.

“The land-guards have pulled down more buildings in East Legon and claimed they had a Court order to do so but investigations conducted revealed that they came without Court Order and that their paymasters gave them the instruction to demolish because the land had been sold to them by their grantors,” a resident whose property was pulled down arrated.

Meanwhile, a High Court Ruling delivered by Justice Anthony Oppong on February 22, 2017 between Nii Tetteh Opremreh II, Nii Adam Sorsey (Plaintiffs) vrs. Komexa limited, Lands Commission, Omari Computer Systems Ltd, Nii Tetteh Tsuru II, Ebenezer Nii Mensah Akogyeram (Deceased) (Substituted by Nii Sowah Ako Odoi and Nii Mensah Nyekpee-Enehu (representatives of the Toboase family of La)-Defendants, stated clearly that “Plaintiffs by themselves, any member of the Apaintse we family, agents, servants, workers etc. are hereby restrained from any further interference with the land.”

The Court also set “aside a Judgement in Suit NO. 679/9, the land certificates upon which the Plaintiffs were claiming ownership over the said land and ordered the Defendants to cancel and annul land certificates GA14025 dated 7th September 1999; GA25654 dated 11th January 2008 and GA29779 dated 12th June 2009.”

It has emerged that the Plaintiffs in this case are grantors to the three business men hence were still holding onto the Judgement in Suit NO. 679/9, to terrorize the right owners of the lands at East Legon.

It is also alleged that the three business men have the Plaintiffs in this case, Nii Tetteh Opremreh II and Nii Adam Sorsey as their grantors who gave them the lands but per the Judgement, the two grantors have lost the right to the land.

Although the February 22, 2017 Judgement has been appealed against, the Court is yet to determine the Case making the ruling still pendig.

The Court in that ruling awarded cost of 5,000 Cedis to be awarded for the Defendants against each Plaintiff.


Durin the time when a portion of the East Legon land was rezoned by the authorities, the East Legon Development Area, the original occupants or licensees at the sufferance of the state faced an imminent threat of being removed from the land.

In a petition dated August 18, 1976 which was signed by Nii Anyetei Kwakwaranya II, the then La Mantse and President of the La Traditional Council, he stated that “The La Traditional Council thereby expresses concern about the intended removal of the people of La Bawalashie, Okponglo, Abotsiman and Shiashe villages, all enveloped in the East Legon Development Plan without an adequate provision for an alternative dwelling place for them.”

The said petition yielded positive result as it gave rise to the setting up of the Alomatu Committee, on the resettlement of persons affected in the East Legon Development Area which recommendation was approved by government and allowed the four villages to remain in existence and their respective occupants.

Meanwhile, when the CEO Of McDan Group of companies was contacted on Saturday October 7, 2017 at 3:47pm he admitted owning landed properties within East Legon and Spintex Road.

According to him, his properties at Spintex Road specifically at Warehouse opposite the Oak Plaza Hotel, another opposite the Bank of Ghana and one around the Action Chapel all of which fall within the Airport enclave, was granted to him by government through the Ghana Airport Company as his grantors and that the National Security is aware and protecting his interest on the land.

Although he admitted in the 8 minutes 30 seconds recorded audio between him and this reporter, that he owns properties scattered within the airport enclave he said he has documents covering all his properties.

Source: Prosper Agbenyega



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