How to make your Makeups Last Longer

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Makeup hacks will save your life!

Makeup products cost money! And the really good ones are expensive. To get your money’s worth out of makeup products, here are some really great tips!

1. Use a primer before applying your makeup, to help your makeup last all day.



2. Another trick for getting makeup to stay is using pressed setting powder.

3. Gently coat translucent powder over the top of your lipstick to make it matte and make it last

See more detailed instructions here. For translucent powder, try NYX's Finishing Powder ($10).


4. Use a primer to make eyeliner and eyeshadow last.

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5. Setting spray will save your life! Spray it all over your face once you’re done with your makeup.

A popular setting spray is the Urban Decay De-Slick, which does wonders for oily skin. It prevents runny makeup and doesn't make your skin shiny! Get it here ($30).For normal or combination skin types, try Mist & Fix ($30).For a cheaper option, try NYX Setting Spray ($8).

6. Add some eye drops to mascara to remove any lumps 

Only do this if your mascara is newer than three months old. Otherwise, it's best to toss the expired tube.Any type of eye drop solution should be fine, but most beauty bloggers use Visine ($5).

7. Running out of foundation? Add some moisturiser!

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8. Repair broken palettes with methylated spirit and plastic wrap

The fun in this is destroying it before fixing and it'll be as good as new.

9. To soften stiff brushes, massage some oil into the brush before washing it with soap.


10. Store your makeup in a place where it won’t get damaged easily.

Keep your makeup out of the sun and store certain products in air-tight containers. Plus, if you can see your makeup more easily using transparent organizers, you won't be as tempted to buy new products before finishing the ones you already own. For an organizer that has both holders and drawers, get this one.

11. Running out of eyeshadow? Add some vaseline to make it lipstick


12. Mix primer with your last bits of lipstick or lipgloss to make a cream blush.


13. Apply foundation with your fingers instead of a brush or a sponge because you’ll use less foundation


14. Store certain makeup products in the fridge to extend their shelf life.

Safe products to store in the fridge include eye creams, nail polish, and natural beauty products. Some that are potentially problematic in the fridge include lipstick (storing for too long will cause it to lose moisture) and eyeshadow (the introduction of humidity could cause mold growth).


15. Throw out your makeup once it expires

Knowing how long they last will hopefully motivate you to use them thoroughly before their last days.

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