I am a Proud Ghanaian!

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I am Ghanaian, born and bred in Ghana. I haven’t traveled beyond my country for more than a day. I entered Burkina Faso and Togo at various points in my life. I slept one night in Togo but I found my way back to my country. I love Ghana, I don’t follow political parties sheepishly. I have a mind of my own. I am able to tell right from wrong, many times. But I am human, so what I think is true would probably not be the truth in a world were truth has become subjective.

I am a very responsible citizen and as such I don’t litter around. I cross the street from the Zebra crossing or at designated crossing points. When I see a police officer acting irresponsibly, I tell it to their face because I want my country to be better. I have voted for NPP and NDC at various points in my life, so when I say I don’t follow sheepishly, I mean it.

I have a Ghanaian passport, but I sometimes have to deal with some Ghanaians who tell me I don’t sound Ghanaian because of my accent. The accent which hasn’t been developed outside the corners of my country, Ghana.

I am married to a Fulani man, Yes! He was born in Ghana too. He is a Ghanaian citizen, a very good one. He never breaks the law, we are a law abiding family.

Why am I writing this? How is it of concern to you the Ghanaian reading this? Ever heard of tribal bigotry? Yes! I am sure you have. If you havent, tribal bigotry is the stubborn and complete intolerance and prejudice of a tribe that differs from one’s own.

Crimes happen everyday in this country and media houses report them as crime. They never on any day mention that the one who committed the crime is an Ashanti, a Fante, a Kasina, a Bono or a Frafra. They just say a crime was committed. By mentioning the name of the one who committed the crime, their age, and were the crime was committed. Crime is crime. It has no colour, just call it plain and refer to them as criminals.

Individuals from every tribe commit crimes, it isn’t just Fulanis. Fulanis aren’t the only ones herding cattle in this country, so why say Fulani Herdsmen? ‘

Can we count the number of crimes committed by other people in this country which weren’t committed by Fulani Herdsmen? How many times did the media report the crime by the name of their tribe? Are they more Ghanaian than any of us?

What again does the constitution say about Ghanaians in Ghana before the declaration of independence??

What is it with our media and sensationalism? Do we remember the history of Rwanda as a country? Or is it because we think Fulanis are not Ghanaians?

Two days ago, I went to the supermarket to buy some items for my little girl. When I asked the vendor if he had finally gotten the maize flavour of cerelac (a cereal), he asked me if I do not listen to the radio. When I inquired further, he said to me that the cows belonging to the Fulani Herdsmen have chewed all the maize in Burkina Faso and other parts of Ghana. That is why the maize flavour of cerelac is not on the market. Even when I told him it was not so, he was adamant and insisted it was the case. Where did he get his information from? Some 2*4 radio stations in Ghana perhaps. They lack professionalism and deal with news items like Akan drama.

Let us go back to our history and remember the history of our Heroes and Sheroes. They migrated from their original homes to settle in Ghana. So if we are going to call anyone non Ghanaian, can we start with our forefathers and let it trickle down to us? We are all not Ghanaians living in the country called Ghana. I could go on and on. But can we talk about viability?

What makes Ghana a peaceful home is our ability to live in harmony inspite of our differences. Let us stand up to our media houses and let them practice responsible reporting devoid of sensationalism. We are creating a home for us, our children, our great grandchildren and their great grandchildren.

Let us deal with crime as crime. Nothing else!

Source: Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko

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