I am not in Politics for Personal Gains but to help – MP Aspirant

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The 2016 Parliamentary Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the Afram Plains South constituency and the Managing Director of the First Ghana Savings and Loans, William Hor, has revealed that his ambition to be a politician is not to make money for his pocket but to be the ladder for others prosperity.

“I am not in politics because I want to enrich myself which is a side issue, but to help humanity, my political ambition is to be the ladder for my people to achieve their prosperity in what they do”.

The Managing Director was speaking to his constituents, family and friends in the Afram Plains South at a party to mark his 44th birthday celebration held at his residence at Ekye Amanfrom in the Afram Plains South District.

The one time parliamentary candidate of the NPP in the 2016 elections asked how much he can spend on himself if he acquire all the worth in the word.

“How much will I spend on myself after acquiring all the worth, money, building mansions, buying luxurious cars, wearing expensive clothes, shoes, among others?” he asked.

He noted that “I believe in the proverb which says good name is better than riches and that is what my life is all about, I wish to one day become one of the highest employers who bring happiness and smiles to the faces of his employees in this country.

“I take inspirations from the Former President of the United States of America Barack Obama, he became the President of this great nation at the age 44, we all saw what he did to help his people and the world at large in his governance. I told myself at age 44, I should at least be able to put smiles on the faces of my people by helping to employ most youth into good earning jobs and also supporting the needy and poor in the society” he stressed.

William Hor who is currently laising his boots to stage a come back to contest the 2020 parliamentary seat for the people of Afram Plains South on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party said

“even though I have not been able to reach where I wish to be, I think I am on course leading to achieving my objectives as I have been able to help enroll most of our youth into the security, education, health, giving scholarships, paying of school fees of the brilliant but needy students who are not beneficiaries of the government’s free Senior High School policy, supporting the poor and needy in our society and have also in my own little way employed some youth to manage my shops”.

He then called on politicians to prioritise the welfare of the people around them rather than lust for money.

As part of his birthday celebration, William Hor visited the Forifori Prisons Camp in the District to donate some items to the inmates which include medicines, shoes, second hand clothings, toothpaste and brush, among other things to fulfil the biblical demand of caring for others in need, and also to encourage them to remain focused after serving their sentence since all is not lost.

Per the observations made at the Prison Camp which serves as the last camp for prisoners in the country who are left with some few months sentence to be released, the MD proposed that government should put up a fence wall around the prisons yard for safety sake and also to complete the workshop building which has been abandoned for years to help train the inmate on skills employment such as carpentry, welding, tailoring, hairdressing among others to keep them busy from involving themselves in any other things that will probably bring them back to prisons.

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