I never announced the return of “Dumsor” – Energy Minister Amewu

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The Minister of Energy, Peter Amewu has categorically denied ever making any statement anywhere to suggest he has confirmed the return of Dumsor in the country.

Some Members of Parliament in the Minority side of the house alleged during their contribution to the debate on the 2019 budget on the Floor on Wednesday that the Minister had openly declared the return of the intermittent power outages, which is locally termed as “Dumsor”. Meaning off and on.

These assertions were strongly contested by their counterparts on the Majority side in the absence of the Energy Minister from Parliament until the Speaker forced the MP for Ada, Comfort Doryoe, to withdraw her allegation for her failure to provide enough evidence to back her allegations.

The issue came up again later in the day when it came to the turn of the MP for Sawla/Tuna/Kalba, Andrew Dari Chiwitey, who repeated the allegations against the Minister.

It was at this point that the Minister for Energy, Peter Amewu had the opportunity to respond to the accusations in person where he categorically denied ever making such a comment anywhere.

When he was pushed to the wall to substantiate his allegations, the MP for Sawla/Tuna/Kalba referred to a story captured on myjoyonline which had paraphrased the Minster’s statement at a Press Conference on Monday where he purportedly indicated that the power flactuations under the previous administration was “Dumkraa”, meaning continually off. While that of this administration is “Dumsor”, off and on.

The MP still insisted on his assertions even after the Minister had denied the allegations. He retorted that, “You can run but you can hide. If you lie the media will expose you.”

Issues related to electricity generation and power distribution is always stirs political controversy due to the political capital that was made out of it when the country was plugged into the famous power crisis during the administration of Ex-president Mahama between 2012 and 2015.

Source: Clement Akoloh || Africanewsradio.com


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