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Why i took a shot of former President Mahama’s “Yes” Vote

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I Mahama Haruna (General Manager of Nkilgi FM at Bole) do not have any regret for being the source of this photo of former President John Dramani Mahama’s “Yes” vote at the just ended referendum for the creation of the Savanna Region that went viral. I have read over a 100 Facebook posts and many stories on it. While many are lambasting me others are commending me.

I am an avid supporter of former President John Dramani Mahama. I understand the politics of the Savanna Region (Gonjaland) better. The dynamics and conspiracy theories were many.

First of all I sincerely think if I had not made this photo public, some people would be looking for the person who voted “No” at the Bole District Assembly Polling Station, where former President Mahama votes.

Are people aware of the dirty campaign against former President Mahama before the referendum.

Didn’t some people go to Gonjaland (Savannah Region) with a dirty campaign that some leading politicians from Gonjaland (referring to former President Mahama) were against the creation of Regions.

Not even former President Mahama’s total donation of GHc 50,000 towards the “Yes” Campaign for the Savanna Region will let some people trust him.

Some people are only angry over the photo because their agenda has been foiled.

We will always guide against any evil agenda and machinations against former President John Mahama among his Gonja people.

Are people aware that some people have edited the “Yes” vote of former President to “No”. Anyway I posted the photo just two minutes after the former President voted so no amount of editing will change the fact that former President Mahama voted “Yes” for the creation of the Savanna Region.

We will always be smarter. We will always be the vanguard of former President John Dramani Mahama at his back yard of Bole and Gonjaland (Savanna Region)

By Manama Haruna

General Manager

Nkilgi FM

Ghana News Online

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