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I will Boom later – Rawlings

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings has blown the cover of two former ministers who were openly engaged in amorous sexual relationship while serving under him.

Though he would not name the two ministers, he said their open love life had reached its crescendo to the extent that his advice to the two to dignify themselves and pull the breaks fell on deaf ears.

He said he had always yearned for a better time to reecho his advice to the love birds because they were blinded by what they termed as love though cheating at their partners.

“I wanted to talk to the male minister. Can’t you hide what you are doing a little, because you are carrying the whole thing on your head but his whole head was inside. Every afternoon he will come to my office and when they give him beer he will pour for her and they will make cheers and drink. They repeated it and the third day he poured the beer but this time failed to pour for the woman who looked at her surprisingly”, he revealed.

According to him, he felt this was an opportune time he needed to counsel the male minister to tone down on his open sexual relationship.

Subsequently he was fired because he as the head of state at the time could no longer contain the situation and therefore felt he had to take action.

Speaking on the commemoration of the 38th June 4th celebrations in Wa, he said many are those who also appealing to him in similar instances in present day, to tone down on his attacks on the NDC party because it will mean double dose for them.

“There is so much hot flame inside me but people are asking me not to make the burden too heavy for us in opposition, it will lead to disintegration. So I have decided to postpone the boom inside the stomach waiting for the opportune time”, he revealed


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