“If we should put your name in the Market will people know who it is?”

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Inspired by the various debates still going on at various levels over the crave for Mahama’s return, decided to analyse the two sides of the coin (Nana and Mahama) or Mahama and the startups in the NDC (Presidential aspirants).

Since Mr Mahama left power, his name has ceased to elude people’s talks and write-ups on every media platform especially the social media. It has even led to attacks and counter attacks on both his supporters and antagonists alike.

This then informed a question in my mind’s eye as I asked friends: what if Mahama returns in 2020, would his popularity win him that seat? Some may describe the question as inconsequential, but they shouldn’t be so quick in their responses.

In a recent observation from comments on an article authored by an executive of the NPP in the United States- who vehemently condemned the NPP administration and apologized to Mr Mahama for making reckless allegations against him during the 2016 campaign, and a letter a young Ghanaian and a die-hard admirer of Akufo-Addo wrote showing remorse that Ghanaians unknowingly voted the Ex-President out, it is highly conspicuous that a lot of people are still having the election hangover. From the look of things, some Ghanaians are already beginning to lament that the present administration is a sham. Among them are the ardent supporters of the current President. But a most surprising set of those who have now pronouncedly eaten up their words are those who had always thrown their support for candidate/President Akufo-Addo. Some of them are gradually getting weak in their various well thought out or impulsive debates as they too are ostensibly having some elements of regret.

A promise of change or a change of promise? You may have seen some of the Pro Akufo-Addo say that the President and the NPP came with a game of deceit and that if they had known, they would have had another choice. This means to a very large extent that the party’s promise of change may be gradually turning into a change of promise. Subsequently, the youth are coming out to shout that Akufo-Addo has abandoned the promise he had made to them during the electioneering campaign while others say that he left the problems Ghanaians are currently plagued with to be touring the world with his family

Akufo-Addo’s 2016 victory was built on three promises: to get Nigeria of corruption, to fix the economy, make the economy the best in Africa. It has been two years of lamentation, blame game and massive corruption. If Akufo-Addo wins again, that would mean Ghanaians would be in for another four years of political torpor. Ghanaians are deeply divided on political lines and gradually moving towards the tribal zone.

With a booming young population, Ghana’s median age is just 18, according to the United Nations. Many youth see Ghana’s ageing leaders as out of touch. Akufo-Addo, 74 is the oldest since the transition to civilian government in 1992. I stated in one of my write-ups that there are three broad categories core issues) that lead people to emerge as candidate in the primaries of the major Ghanaian political parties, at least the gubernatorial and presidential elections. The three basic requirements are :

Name recall

Access to finance

Establishment consensus.

If you take name recall for instance, it’s amazing how many sophisticated intelligent people searching for complicated answers to simple questions often overlook this crucial factor in the way candidates are selected.

The NDC needs a candidate whose demeanor, and chances would attract investors etc to support the party. Investors and parties financiers weigh the chances of the various parties before investing in them.

The 2016 election is not going to be easy at all. Not because of the incumbent’s performance, but that desire to rig the election in favour of the incumbent. The NDC needs a candidate with vast international connections..who command respect globally. Politics in West Africa has taken a different dimension being manipulated and controlled by some powerful forces. The Ghana-Nigeria, political dynamics will come up strongly in 2020 and it will take a candidate well vested in that game to defuse all diastolic moves and play them to the advantage of the NDC.

NDC supporters impatient with experiments are looking for tried and tested aspirant like John Mahama for everything we know about our politics- is a distinct possibility) is because everyone knows his name.

Without financial resources, or the ability to get those who have those resources to part with said resources, you are a non starter. These are the cortical issues the delegates will consider as they prepare their hands for the day. It is not about pre primaries survival, it is not about pay back or wanting to be seen as aide or special assistant, it is about taking the masses out of the suffocating joint, it is about ending the massive corruption in this administration, wanton dissipation of state resources, arrogance etc.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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