Ignore Akufo-Addo’s Arrogance – Psychologist advises Mahama

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Dear Mr Mahama,

I just read a story on Adomonline.com captioned “I don’t respond to aspirants- I respond to presidential candidates” said, Akufo-Addo. Friends have forwarded same story published by other websites to me all linking the unfortunate attack to you.

Sir, I don’t know how you and your party is going to take this unfortunate outburst. But quietly and perhaps unsuspectingly we are entering a potentially dangerous period in our polity. Attempts by the sitting president and his party folks to suppress free speech is dangerous for our democracy. The President’s dishonest integrity and inherent arrogance was on display as he reeled out lies and derogatory remarks when he addressed his audience. I will advise you not to respond to that childish pronouncement.

The President’s poor governance style with lack of tangible achievements in nearly two years is tormenting him in his dreams and makes him appear weak and useless whenever he appears before Ghanaians. The consistent rigidity with which Nana Akufo-Addo peddles falsehoods about you underscores his arrogance of ignorance.

Sir, when a government feels it is doing well, it invariably emphasises its achievements. Your shining campaign in 2016 is a good example. It is only when it does not, that it starts harping on the imagined failures of its predecessors like we witnessing. Akufo-Addo is going through governance difficulties because of the high standard you set. Akufo-Addo has been doing what he is doing ever since he sensed that his party was headed towards defeat in 2020. Opinion poll conducted by credible agencies had shown that the party was in imminent danger of losing the 2020 contest.

In office, you showed us that criticism is great and can help us become better leaders. But allow me to clarify, criticism that is constructive and intended to be helpful like you offering, is what is beneficial.

Sir, insulters and failed presidents do not deserve your attention. Once they include insults, subtly or blatantly, the focus shifts from the wonderful opinion you’ve been expressing to the insults and attacks and people naturally tune out any points you may have had. Worse, insulters and leaders who cannot entertain dissent should not be considered competent enough to provide any meaningful input, because using insults and derogatory remarks make them look empty.

Sir, the President has become insulting and cheaply arrogant because he is unable to compose a convincing argument to counter the potent arguments you’ve been pushing and so he ends up embarrassing himself by becoming belligerent. We all have succumbed at times to frustration and anger when we passionately disagree with something, and that’s normal.

But somebody should tell the sitting president that the insults he rain on his critics, intimidation of a,section of the media, peddling of falsehoods about his predecessor will not help him. It’s better he allowed anger and frustration to dissipate before making pronouncements in public. He should take extra moments to collect his thoughts, make personal notes, and when he is ready, do his his best to provide his side in a respectful manner. That is if he wants his opinion to be considered by the people who voted him into office.

The truth is, if all some people want to do is be insulting, we are better off without them. They deserve to be ignored.

You have something to tell Ghanaians, your projects, the policies we rejected, the expression of regrets you see and hear whenever you went say and present them thoughtfully, those are people worth listening to.

Sir, now more than ever we need contributions from you and people who have something to say that matters. The man has failed, has disappointed millions who voted for him including some of his die-hard supporters. Some us- we aren’t too political we were hoodwinked.

The man has nothing to show. Ghanaians are fed up with his boastful claims and lies. We see your projects daily, we use them daily and those are the issues we going to base our decisions on. The government has failed on economic front, with sliding growth rate, the performance on employment front is very abysmal, capital formation is negative, corruption has increased.

Sir, Akufo-Addo’s equation with his predecessors including Kufour hasn’t been cordial and most times smacks of arrogance and hubris. You’ve won many admirers because of this government’s performance and how you’ve behaved on the landscape ever since you left office. Unable to contain you, they’ve resorted to this primitive approach

Thank you

Nana Yaa Agyeiwaa
(Trained Psychologist)

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