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Impending Reshuffle creates Uneasy Calm at All Military Barracks?

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Over the last few weeks, reliable DAILY POST sources have indicated an uneasy calm within all military barracks and among the top brass of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) as a result of imminent changes in certain key appointments. The rife speculations are that the five members of the Military High Command – the CDS, Chiefs of the Army, Navy and Airforce and the Chief of Staff are going to be affected. It may even extend to other Brigadier Generals appointed as Director Generals.
However, our sources also indicate that one of the senior-most members of the top brass of the army has made a personal request to the President to enable him to conclude a 3-year term of office (he was appointed to his current position on Jan 2017).  This has angered the Service Commanders who think he has betrayed their ‘collective good’ and therefore not been fair to them. It is also alleged that this senior military officer sent a list of all officers considered as aligned to the main opposition party, the NDC “to the powers that be” for their “guidance and information”.
The ethnocentric bias of the list can be easily deduced by discerning and objective minds. It is therefore obvious, that this list will form the basis of either further marginalization of these officers, most of whom have served with distinction for more than 30 years, or even their premature Compulsory Retirement.
The concerns being raised in the barracks include that of marginalization of certain ethnic groups whose officers are perceived as anti-NPP. Those perceived as NPP inclined, headed by the current General Officer Commanding Southern Command, Brigadier General Opong-Peprah (whose wife is a direct relation to the President), is earmarked to be appointed as the Chief of Staff in place of Rear Admiral Moses Beick-Baffoe, a Voltarian. In fact, Brig Gen Opong-Peprah is reported to have openly challenged some of his seniors and politicians for not recommending him for appointment as Chief of Army Staff and later, Chief of Defence Staff. DAILY POST can infer that this will have far-reaching rippling effects on seniority as several officers may end up being “redundant” and must consequently retire compulsorily.
There is uncertainty about the fate of the present Chief of Army Staff whose northern base seems to be holding sway in order to maintain a semblance of ethnic balance amongst the top five in the GAF.
Sources indicate that unless the “machetmen and women” in the Flag Staff House decide otherwise, these changes will be officially approved (if not already done) by the Armed Forces Council and released by the Military Secretary today,  Friday, 21 December 2018.
From all indications, the morale and tension in the GAF will be adversely affected if the situation is not managed carefully.
Source Daily Post

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