Increase Contraceptives Intake – Population Council Boss

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The Executive Director of the National Population Council, Dr. Leticia Adelaide Appiah, says contraceptives should be a socio-economic empowerment agenda in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

In a recent interview with Nigerian based media, Next Edition, the population expert said “Reducing fertility through increased contraceptive uptake reduces sets the stage for accelerated economic development of families and ultimately nations.”

She was recently In the news when she advocated Ghana putting a cap on the number of Children per family.

According to or. Appiah, population control for socioeconomic empowerment needs strong will from political leaders,

“Focusing on family planning, education and access in an enabling environment should therefore be an agenda for African leaders. Afterall, good politics improves human lives, reproductive health rights and responsibilities also improves human lives, therefore improving reproductive health and rights in a responsible way is good politics.” she said.

Source: Whatsup News

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