Independence Day celebrations bring a taste of Ghana to Scotland

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Ghanaian students at a university in Scotland are getting ready to party as they prepare to celebrate Independence Day.

Ghana’s vibrant flavours, fashions and sounds will come to life at the University of Dundee when members of its Ghanaian Society host a cultural showcase to mark the occasion.

The event, to be held on Wednesday, will give fellow students the opportunity to sample Ghanaian cuisine and listen to music from some of the country’s most popular musicians.

Jessica Jackson, founder of the society, said that celebrating Independence Day in Scotland would be a special occasion for its members.

“Independence Day is a major event for Ghanaians and something that the society has been looking forward to since we launched last year,” she said.

“We’re proud of our culture and this celebration is an opportunity for us to share everything we love about our country with other students here in Dundee.

“The whole event is about having fun, playing games, listening to music, and enjoying some incredible food. Independence Day is a celebration and we’re sure that all of the students here at Dundee will want to join in.”

The University of Dundee Ghanaian Society was launched last year to bring together the country’s growing student population in Dundee.

The University already enjoys a strong relationship with Ghana, with dozens of students currently studying in what is known as Scotland’s sunniest city. Dundee has become a popular destination for Ghanaian students, offering high-quality courses relating to the oil and gas sector, as well as business and law.

Independence Day is one of Ghana’s biggest annual events, with major celebrations taking place throughout the nation.

Jessica, a third-year Architecture student, added, “Dundee is a very friendly and welcoming city, and studying here is presenting so many opportunities for me.

“The number of Ghanaian students here is growing, and starting the Society has helped to bring us together and celebrate and share everything we love about our country. I’m proud that we will be celebrating Independence Day and I’m sure that people here in Scotland will not want to miss out on what we have planned.”

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