Integrity Assurance Ghana accuses WAEC of extortion

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Integrity Assurance Ghana (AIG) is not impressed with the modus operandi of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) with regards to the release of examination results (BECE and WASSCE).

As known to the general public, WAEC charges fees from parents and/or government when students/pupils sit for exams. Components of the fees include setting of questions, printing, invigilating, scoring, and certification: in effect, everything that brings cost in the organisation of the exams, is borne by candidates.

The insurance company I’d however accusing WAEC of adopting cunning ways of siphoning more money from candidates through extortionist tactics, implying that the monies paid by candidates as examination fees are not enough.

What WAEC does is to make an announcement (which in our opinion is a bait) of release of ‘provisional’ results. After this announcement/bait, WAEC with an extortionist tactics and knowing very well the natural tendency of candidates rushing to see their results, deliberately hold on to the results.

The students are therefore unable to access the results of the exams which they had already paid for. “The sole intention of this tricky behaviour of WAEC, is to cash in on the apprehension of the candidates who naturally want to see their results” stated the Executive Director of AIG, Suleiman Issifu.

He said IAG takes a serious view of this behaviour of WAEC which in their opinion, has whiffs of fraud and criminality. We akin what WAEC is doing to double-charging.

Candidates must not pay twice for the same exams in an economy where people struggle to make ends meet. WAEC ought to discharge its duties with fairness, transparency, and utmost integrity.

This is not to say we are opposed to innovative ways of making money for the institution, our concern is with this extortionist strategy. We know that WAEC does not do certificate replacement except for particular years, why must it be so? Every candidate who has sat an exam with WAEC should be able to have his/her certificate replaced regardless of the year. WAEC has records of all candidates and so why must it be difficult for them to replace certificates? Certificate replacement would rather be an innovative way of making money and not the double-charging of candidates for the same service.

Ministry of Education, GES, parliament and other stakeholders must rise and stop WAEC from visiting unnecessary financial burden on parents/candidates. IAG hereby serves notice to WAEC that we shall advise ourselves if this moneymaking enterprise which has occasioned the undue extortion is not stopped.

Mr Sulemana later said it is long overdue in the country to have a second force examination council to put WAEC into competition and perfection.

“our last resort will be the court of law to present our petition for redress ” he warned.

Source: Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi

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