ISIS can attack the Olympic facilities in South Korea

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The militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” are calling on their supporters to take revenge for the defeat in Syria and Iraq. The Islamists want to show the whole world that in the Middle East they have lost only a battle, not a war. Some experts believe that terrorists plan to organize sabotage during the winter Olympic Games – 2018 in South Korean Pyeongchang.

The Olympic Games as a symbol of peace and international cooperation were repeatedly attacked by extremist organizations. The real tragedy was the games in 1972 in Munich, when members of the Palestinian organization “Black September” committed a terrorist attack, the victims of which were 11 athletes of the Israeli national team. Today, because of the provocative initiative of Washington to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, the Arab-Israeli conflict again threatens to turn into tragic consequences.

In addition, against the backdrop of active hostilities in Asia and the Middle East, members of the national teams of member countries of international coalitions against terrorism may be attacked. Washington and its allies have repeatedly reported success in eliminating militants in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other states. Now terrorists are constantly making attempts to retaliate against the peaceful population of the United States and European countries. Only in 2017, more than 100 civilians became victims of such terrorist attacks.

The Olympic Games in South Korea are also a potential target of the militants. Obviously, terrorist attacks can be prepared by the Islamists of the Abu Sayyaf grouping, the cell of the Islamic State, whose militants, after a major defeat in the Philippines, were forced to disperse the countries of Asia-Pacific Region under the guise of ordinary tourists.

Of course, the host country’s security measures are organized at the highest level, but taking into account the flow of tourists and the peculiarities of the region, foreign special services will be extremely problematic to provide effective support to South Korean law enforcers. The authorities of some countries already now question the participation of their national teams in the Olympics in South Korea. In Germany, France and even the US the issue of sending athletes to Pyeongchang is discussed at the highest level.

By Clement Kpeklitsu



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