It is possible to be NPP or NDC and still remain Professional and Ethical

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Sir, what you have succeeded in doing is putting down your station, your show, your image and lowering your professional ethics and monumentally embarrassing yourself in the end.

So you’re telling me you didn’t know Sammy Gyamfi was appearing on your show yesterday? I’m putting it to you that, you contrived and plotted this move to just to embarrass Sammy Gyamfi, but you failed and failed big time. Since you were so bent on embarrassing him, you should have insisted he leaves your studio for “supposedly” impugning your integrity. You ended up been hoodwinked by a “flimsy” apology and allowed the young man to stay on the show. What Sammy Gyamfi did yesterday on your show did not “constitute” an apology. A sincere apology doesn’t and will not come in this form and shape. In other words the young man didn’t/never apologise to you as you claim and also you didn’t achieve your aim of embarrassing him. You rather got yourself embarrassed greatly.

I was particularly surprised but not shocked when I saw snippets of the Emile Short commission that looked into the troubles at Ayawaso West Wougon bye election. Even though Emile Short, Henrietta Bonsu and other members of the commission including the lawyer are dyed in the wool NPP members, they presented a fairly balanced report/ findings. Pregnant in the report, there can be found a recommendations that, Double should be prosecuted, DSP Azugu must be removed, others punished too. The point I’m trying to emphasize is that, you could be dyed in the wool NPP/NDC but your professional ethics and GJA standards must at all times not be compromised. You showed open bias, and your political leanings by your actions. You showed hatred, bitterness and exasperation towards the young man because he chastised you. Sammy acted that way on behalf of the party and not his personal behalf. It was never personal. Your personalisation of the issue was most gratuitous, unguarded, needless, backward and the height of unprofessionalism.

Many years ago a gentleman by name Appiah Stadium called into JOY FM, Komla Dumour was the host then. This gentleman insulted the host and ask him if he’s a “fool”, Komla didn’t say anything, never had a grudge with him. They became good friends. When Kojo Oppong Nkrumah was host of SMS I was one of his fiercest critics but we became the best of friends subsequently and now. People like Bernard Avle, Richard Sky are known NPP members, they have been criticised variously by myself, Paapa Bisiw, etc but are now friends and have remained professional in their media work. Today, particularly Bernard Avle remains the most neutral and best journalist i have come across aside Komla Dumour. These guys have shown a certain level of professionalism, fairness, high ethical standards regardless of their ideological leanings. If you doubt this, listen to Citi FM for one week and you will know. At Bangor University, UK where i pursued my media and communications studies I was taught to be fair, balance, ethical and professional in all my endeavor as a journalist.

It is possible to be NPP/NDC and still remain professional and ethical.

Enough said, man raise your bar.

For God and country

Boutrous Andy

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