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J. B. Danquah the Inventor & Founder for Dummies!

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“…Mr. Paul Adom-Otchere is as ignorant as the Kyebi branch of the NPP come…No people in all of mankind’s recorded and oral history ever united through a…National Liberation Movement (NLM)-United Party (UP)-Progress Party (PP)-confederation, let alone build a great civilization…In Ghana…Ghanaian workers, always free to work, constructed and built all the great infrastructure and institutions Kwame Nkrumah bequeathed to Ghana as the Chief Executive of Ghana//…….It was Ako Adjei who recommended that Nkrumah is the right person to lead the struggle not Danquah…It was Paa Grant who paid for Nkrumah’s return to the Gold Coast, not Danquah.  It was Paa Grant who sheltered Nkrumah at his residence in Takoradi but not Danquah…… J. B. Danquah, the attorney, was the only principal member of the UGCC who did not contribute a single penny to fund Nkrumah’s travel back to Ghana in 1947 to assist the UGCC in a “self-government” project they were miserably failing at…When the Great People of Akyem Abuakwa, through their taxes and sweat, paid to gloom Barrister J. B. Danquah, J. B. Danquah simply neglected them, and they, him…J.B. Danquah never won a single election, not even in his own neck of the woods, …”,  (Prof Lungu/…/BOY KOFI, in summary-commentary form, 2015-2016-2017).

It is funny that having recently lost political power, the NDC seem to have re-discovered Kwame Nkrumah.

But this paper is not about the NDC.

Like many non-partisan critics whose primary interests are in responsible, responsive, and accountable governance for Ghana and Africa, we found it incredibly tone deaf and a mighty waste of time for some members of the NPP, including President Akufo Addo and the Speaker of the House, to revisit the tired old debate they’ve never won since 1966, and will never win in any forum in Africa, or anywhere else in the world. Simply, it is the fully vetted proposition that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is without doubt the singular, most important character and activist behind the transformation of the Gold Coast during the years 1947-1956, and the consequent founding of Ghana in 1957 as a sovereign, independent state.

Clearly, the Kyebi-branch of the NPP has always fallen short whenever they’ve tried to elevate J. B. Danquah who died in 1965 in Nsawam prison under suspicion of treason and succession at the age of 70 years from high blood pressure under the government of the CPP headed by Kwame Nkrumah.

What election(s) J. B. Danquah, the self-proclaimed “Doyen of Gold Coast politics” ever win, even in his own Kyebi neck of the woods, we’ve never been told by the Kyebi branch of the NPP.

What projects and programs J. B. Danquah ever cause to be planned, built, or commissioned into service for Ghana, the Kyebi branch of the NPP has never bothered to tell Ghana’s children.


We are fed up with all that garbage!

The fact is, one does not “traditionally”, and in reality, fight for secession and a morass of a confederate state, then turn around to attempt to steal the glory of a “Unitary State” someone else championed at the pain of imprisonment and event death, after you’ve failed miserably.

And so, with minor revisions and still with the intent to educate, inspire, and inform or readers we are today humbly re-publishing our classic paper and series on “J. B. Danquah for Dummies”.

J. B. Danquah
J. B. Danquah

Dear reader, no people in all of mankind’s recorded and oral history ever united through a Ghana National Liberation Movement (NLM)-United Party (UP)-Progress Party (PP)-confederation, let alone build a great civilization. It was not the case for ancient Egypt, not for Ghana Empire, not for Songhai Empire, nor was it the case for all the great civilizations of Mongolia and China that European Marco Polo marveled at during his travels in the mid-1200s.

Further, many of the greatest engineering and economic feats of mankind were invented and built through servitude, sometimes through part time conscription, most often through slavery, but all the time, of the conquered, or of fellow compatriots.

We are talking about Grand Canals, Harbors, Urban Squares, Dams, Cities, Highways, Road, Bridges, Libraries, the Pyramids, and yes, Universities, even. Such it is, even in the case of Christopher Columbus’s Old America of the late 1400s, and in the case of Abraham Lincoln’s United States of America, in more recent historical annals.

Those, dear reader, were “brutal” regimes and institutional arrangements of hyper-centralized direction. It was always about the city, change, adaptation, renewal, and degradation. And people died in the millions in the aggregate constructing and supporting those facilities and institutions. Largely immutable records are available to today’s privileged, including you who are reading this essay.

In Ghana, with second hand knowledge of those records by expatriates, Ghanaian workers, always free to work, constructed and built all the great infrastructure and institutions Kwame Nkrumah bequeathed to Ghana as the Chief Executive of Ghana, who, in many cases, commissioned them. Nkrumah was, after all, elected by the entire Nation of Ghana multiple times, while J. B. Danquah was not elected, not even once, by the entire Nation. And Ghana needed every bit of that infrastructure, and more.

Try harder, sirs!

To be continued….

By Prof. Lungu


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SUBJ:  J. B. Danquah The Inventor & Founder for Dummies!

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