JCI Accra Royale’s President expresses worry about poor sanitation on World Clean Up Day

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The President of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), Accra Royale, Daniel Nii Ayaa Annan, has expressed worry about the poor sanitation at Kaklamadu, a community in the La Dadekotopon Constituency.

He lamented the fact that residents in the area do not mobilise to clean their community like other communities do.
This according to him has led to chocked gutters in the area full of rubbish and human faecal matter .

He said this during a clean up exercise organised at Kaklamadu in Accra on World Clean up day.

“The residents are not helping at all. They wait for us to come for clean up exercise before they clean their area,” he noted.

He said “Other communities are very encouraging. Even before we get there, they will tell us they are cleaning. This brings about sustainability and improved health in the society”.

Nii Ayaa Annan said residents in the area needs education on sanitation and JCI Accra Royale will ensure that residents in Kaklamadu are educated on how to live a healthy life.

The Assembly Man for the New Kaajano area , Emmanuel Nyarko Baah, promised to liaise with environmental health officers to arrest residents who will throw filth in the gutters.

“This is the challenge we have in Kaklamadu. It’s been like this for years. Some residents deem it fit to throw rubbish into the big gutter which links to the sea. This is really bad,” he said.

“I have a spy in the area who takes pictures of people who throw rubbish into the gutters,” he added.

“I will liaise with environmental health officers to arrest people who do such acts and then fine them. This will serve as a deterrent to residents and help them improve their way of living,” he stated .

The President of JCI Accra Royale, Daniel Ayaa Annan supported the intended action of the assembly saying it is going to curb poor sanitation in the area.

“This will really help the residents to improve their way of living. If you are caught and fined, you will be cautious the next time” he said.

The clean up exercise brought out lots of residents in the community to clean the Kaklamadu gutter and sweep the area.

Trees growing in the big gutter which connects from Labadi, Olimpia to the community were cut down and refuse which had been left in the gutter were collected and dumped.

Source: Priscilla Anum-Noi

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