Through Jesus Christ Power Ministry ends Crusade encounter

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Through thick and thin “Through Jesus Christ Power Ministry (TJCPM)” last week sailed through a four-day crusade encounter with Jesus at Ali Jarah junction; Agege last stop, near Dansoman in Accra

Dubbed “repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”, (matt 32; Rev 33), the crusade attracted preachers as Apostle Nana Boakye, Rev. Emmanuel Anato, Prophet Nicholas and Pastor Mark of Bishop Anaaba Ministries, who travelled all the way from Bolgatanga to attend the programme. Song ministration was led by Osofo Maame Maccarthy.

According to host pastor, Prophet Emmanuel Maccarthy, though the Lord saw them through the crusade, it fell below his expectation as the venue was not spiritually condusive for the programme. He was however quick to point out that in the upcoming crusade, which is scheduled for Christmas, he will change the venue so as to make more impact, saying this one did not perform badly at all.

Crowning the programme on Sunday October 21, at the church’s worship place at the St. Paul school near the  Bethesada Methodist church at  Agege last stop Prof Maccarthy urged Christians to be law – abiding and follow instructions in order to meet God’s favor to enable them succeed in all their endeavors.

He pointed out that it was through disobedience and disregard for instructions that led Adam, the first man to sin against God with its resultant sin upon man subsequent death phenomenon on mankind.

The powerful sermon, which was interspersed with songs kept the congregants applauding and cheering him throughout.

Prof McCarthy noted that when God created Adam. He gave him a home, food knowledge as well as instruction regarding the tree of life and knowledge and it was this forbidden tree which he touched leading his curse and subsequent death.

This, he noted had been the bane of man’s woes, stressing that people who fail to take instructions are bound not only to failure but also doom as happened to Adam. He pointed out that God; not being happy about this development also cursed the principal tempter, the snake and Eve the agent, who ended up corrupting Adam.

He charged Christians to worship God in good faith so that they can get admission to heaven after their death through Jesus, who came to die as a ransom for mankind. He stated that failure to abide by this can lead one to hell after death.

“Now if God takes away your soul, and you die, where do you go?” he asked.

Prof Maccarthy charged Christians to desist from selfishness, greed, lust for money and material things and all vices that can lead them to hell after death. Instead they should live a life worthy of their status as Christians so as to enhance them an eternal life in heaven after death.

There were lots of testimonies, most of which could just be described as living testimonies.

Source: S.O. ANKAMAH


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