Journalist gets Power of Attorney to hold All Sempe Properties in Trust

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The Legitimate and Gazetted chief of Sempe, Nii Adotey Obuor II has officially granted Power of Attorney to a journalist, Henry Nii Ayi Addo, over all Sempe properties.

The Power vested in Henry Nii Ayi Addo authorized him to hold Sempe properties including lands in trust for the people of the area.

He is also granted the authority to fight all Sempe cases in Court and to champion the interests of the people of Sempe.

The Power of Attorney which was made May 8, 2017 and was released for registration on April 12, 2018 after further probe of his loyalty and honesty, by Nii Adote Obuor II Sempe Mantse stated that Henry Nii Ayi Addo will “Represent the said Sempe Stool in all cases involving the lands and properties and all proceedings before the Ga Traditional Council, Regional House of Chiefs and in connection therewith.”

He is also to stand strong to defend the Chief and Sempe elders on behalf of the said Sempe Stool, to submit any necessary memorandum or other documents to the said stool and to make oral or other personal representation to the court at all times on behalf of the Stool.

By the Power of Attorney, Henry Nii Ayi Addo is also empowered to examine, cross-examine or re-examine witnesses of other persons appearing before the court on behalf of the Sempe Stool and to address the court on all matters including the Defence before the court on behalf of the said stool and “to do all such things or acts and take all such steps before the said court as it may be necessary and expedient to take in the interest of Sempe Stool and the general purpose for which the said court was appointed.”

The Power of Attorney which was confirmed at the High Court in Accra was witnessed by the head of Saka Tsuru We of Sempe, Accra, Nii Saka Tsuru II, has gone through valuation registration and filed at the Supreme Court in Accra.

Meanwhile in an interview with Henry Nii Ayi Addo pledged to help uplift the tarnished image of Sempe and called on government and the Chief Justice to ensure that all hooligans, thugs and land guards who have unlawfully since 2008, captured the Sempe palace be ejected on legal grounds for the safety and security of the legitimate chief, Nii Adote Obuor II and his elders.

He also appealed to the police to ensure that all cases brought before them in the name of Sempe Stool, properties and lands be cross-checked and further probed to avoid claims and impersonations by some illegitimate persons and land guards.

He also called on the president His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to assist with his legal excellence and achievements to bring sanity to the Sempe Stool.

Henry Nii Ayi Addo kneeling before Nii Adote Obuor II, Sempe Mantse
Henry Nii Ayi Addo kneeling before Nii Adote Obuor II, Sempe Mantse


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