Justice Brobbey’s Committee in Charge of Creation of a New Region should not Condone with Government Agenda of Distorting Peace and the Little Progress in the Volta Region.

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Justice Brobbey’s Committee In Charge Of Creation Of A New Region Should Not Condone With Government Agenda Of Distorting Peace And The Little Progress In The Volta Region.


Distinguished men and women of the media, on behalf of the Association of Volta youth in U.S.A, we welcome you to our first ever press conference.

We have observed the activities of the Ghana government and some state institutions working to distort the peace and the little progress of the Volta Region and we deem it necessary to bring it to the fore of the general public, the world and most importantly the Hon. Justice Brobbey’s committee in charge of creation of new regions, in order to register our dissatisfactions,

In spite of the fervent effort of Votarians to smoke away the reality of terribleness that their land has been regrettably reduced to, Ghana’s continues imperialism and reoccupation of the formal German colony (Western Togo) of which Volta region is part of, have made the Votarians a wet puppy at the road side, of which street sign they cannot read or understand.

We were very much astonished when the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo announced his intention to create another region out of the Volta region. And to add insult to injury, lied to the world that he was petitioned by the Citizens of the land.

The shoddy work of Council of State led by Nana Otuo Siriboe by granting the president the “go ahead” to create a new region in the Volta Region is only another manifestation of the unspoken conviction that the descendants of the formal German colony are not supposed to feel complex emotions like despairs, love, range or desperation for anything that affects their land.

The problem of underdevelopment of the Volta Region is not a result of its size and shape but the mismanagement by various heads of State in Ghana.


Volta Region was part of the Torgo (now Togo) land that was pronounced a sovereign State in 1884 by League of Nations. It became German Colony and enjoyed German suzerainty until 1914 when the allied forces of Britain and France divide the Torgo land and shared it among themselves as war booty after defeating German in the First World War. Volta Region became part of the Western Togo that went to Britain. League of Nations again in 1922 declare Western Togo as class B mandated territory and ask Britain to take care of the land under Rule of Law until they are ready for independence. United Nations (UN) was formed to replace the League of Nations and in 1946, UN adopted the 1922 resolution of League of Nations, Changed the mandatory status to trust territory and placed the land under the international trusteeship council and then laid embargo on the natural resources in the Volta Region and the rest of Western Togo until self-determination goal is reached.


The Ewes are the true and only custodians of the Volta Region. The Region was not part of the Gold Coast that metamorphosed to Ghana. Volta Region did not signed the bond of 1844 that brought some tribes like Gas and the Fantis under British land (Gold Coast). Britain fought the Ewes but lost bitterly so they could not bring the Volta land in to the Gold Coast as they did to the Ashantis. Volta Region together with the Western Togo was forced against their will by the collaborators such as Ghana, Britain (the betrayer) and UN to undertake illegitimate plebiscite (Referendum) in 1956 in order to form a Union government with Ghana, a Union that have not been established up to date. Through compassionate and humanitarian grounds, the Ewes have allowed foreigners of different ethnic background who were war captive and failed to escape after the defeat, some of whom sees themselves as Ashante descendants, as settlers to settle in the land. Worawora who occupies the Buem (djansikan) land are example when they were defeated and was running away from “Adubufuor” war from the Akposor the Ewe settlers from Early Torgo.


In the 50s, Western Togoland of which Volta region is part of, own accumulated reserve was £ 13 million of which Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Collaborated with Sir Charles Noble Arden Clarke, the administering Authority who presided over the most degrading affair in British history by using £ 2 million of the Western Togo accumulated reserve to bribe and corrupt her own people to seek assimilation in the Gold Coast because of the discovery of aluminum and Uranium in the territory. The people were not consulted and no Togolander has been into the arrangement. From the time Britain hand over Gold Coast to Ghanaians, the remaining £ 11 million of the reserve have not been accounted for.


It is regrettably to note that, ascending to the highest throne by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2001 led by former President J.A Kuffour introduced in to the Ghanaians political culture, “divide and rule” which led to extermination of yaa na, forced unqualified personnel on Gas to be the Ga mantse by the NPP. On the part of the Volta Region, J.A Kuffour’s administration imposed unqualified NPP personnel on the good people of Anloga to be the Awomefia which led to months of chaos and unrest, created tension and drove away businesses form the land. Thanks to the Gods who gave the indigenes the heart to resist till the right thing was done. Just as J. A Kufour took office, Alavanyo-Nkonya land dispute that was settled re-surface intensively than ever, claimed many lives. Thanks to Torgbui Sri, Togbui Fiti, Torgbui Gaosu, Torgbui Afede and other chiefs who exerted their influence to subjugate the over alarming conflict. But as fate have it, less than a year when Nana Akufo-Addo assumed office as President of the Republic, Alavanyo-Nkonya dispute re-surface again.


In the face of the above disputes, NPP government is bent on creating political gerrymandering in the pretext of new Region in order also to satisfy Otumfuo Ashantihene’s hegemonic intention over Worawora and Kratchi on the Volta land.


Regardless of any other Region that NPP government want to divide, a background search of Justice Brobbey and the committee members reveals that none of the members have the skills, knowledge or involvement and experienced in the local government necessary for this exercise. None of the committee members have the fair knowledge of the Volta land, history and its problems. We not doubt the intellectual ability of the committee but we wonder if the appointment of the committee members were based on merit or cronyism.


After all that have been said against the creation of a new Region in Volta Region by gazetted Chiefs and good people of the Volta Region, and for the Hon. Justice Brobbey committee to pretend not to have understood why a political gerrymandering in a pretext of a new Region cannot be created and go ahead and applaud the government on its repulsive effort in this direction, will be an endorsement of collective suicide, endless tribal war of which no one will be spared.


It is not true and there is no evidence supporting the assertion that the Volta Region can only see development by the means of dividing the Region. Evidence rather prove otherwise when the upper East and Upper West Region was created for the purposes of development. Is the two Regions Upper East and Upper West today singing the melody of development promises the Region? No! They are rather wallowing in impoverishment. It is so disparaging when individuals in government could think so low of their Citizens without appreciating the fact that there are equally intellectuals among the Citizens who are more qualified to form a government and can even deliver better than them.


It is an open secret that successive government that have led Ghana have failed Volta Region and if Nana Akufo-Addo’s administration have anything better to offer the Region, then they should start by telling Volta Region where Ghana put Western Togo remaining  £ 11 million reserve of which Volta Region stand to benefits.

If Volta Region have to be divided before it sees development, then we reject it with uncertain terms. NPP intention to create Oti Region to honour Otumfuo Ashantehene is unacceptable, we reject it with scorn. The attempt of the NPP to create “divide and rule” is unwelcome, we reject it with contempt.

Volta Region is united in peace and wish to remain united. We are committed in propagating the unity course and anything short of that will meet the denunciation from us and the entire land.

It is our hope that Justice Brobbey’s committee will look in to this case carefully while taken in to consideration the warning signs on the wall against division and the wish of the legitimate Voltarians against Oti Region.

Above all, we wishes to inform the Committee for creation of a new Region that, creating of Oti Region out of the Volta Region is not of the interest of the people but rather government agenda. As at now, government have released state logistics to Krachihene for the purposes of gathering support for the division of the land. We therefore want to state on records that we will stop at nothing in an attempt to prevent the creation of a new Region in Volta Region. We will employ any democratic means necessary to stop this vile and repulsive agenda.

Thank you.


Dully Signed:

Emmanuel Mifetu

(Association President)

Torgbui Yesu

(Vice president)

Seth Mifetu

(General Secretary)




United Nations (UN)

UN Security Council

UN decolonization


Amnesty International.

International Criminal Court of Justice.








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