Justice Sai’s revealing contribution to the Ghana-US Military Cooperation Agreement

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The military cooperation agreement that Parliament ratified follows the terms of what’s called GST (Global Sofa Template). See what the Americans themselves think of the GTS at page 37 of a 2015 Report of their own International Security Advisory Board:

“In theory the process is straightforward – the GST is the agreement the United States would ideally prefer, and it can be agreed with any nation willing to accept it. It covers the entire range of fields in which protection is a U.S. interest. However, so far, the United States has only reached agreement on the Global Sofa Template with a small number of countries, mostly those that are able to be indifferent to sovereignty issues and/or that are very anxious to have a U.S. military presence.”

The report continues:

“The defect in the GST model is that it ignores the awkward reality that in negotiations it is sometimes necessary to consider the views of the other party. When the GST is proposed to a host country, that nation’s negotiators regularly raise sovereignty and other objections, in part due to its extremely broad scope and the absence of reciprocity. They often refuse to accept specific substantive provisions.”

What this also means is that the Americans know that your opposition to the agreement, the issues you’re raising, the fight you’re fighting are not anti-American sentiments at all.

Da yie!

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