Kaba! Kaba! Kaba! Mmaa Kaba!

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Ghanaians are saddened to hear of the death of Kaba earlier today. He was a very talented journalist who will be sadly missed. My personal condolences to his family. As a journalist (Presenter) Kaba had an ability to cut through all the padding and get right to the core of a story and became one of the most recognisable names in journalism in Ghana. That’s due not only to his distinguished career and remarkable work ethic but to his warm character and his good nature. News of Kaba’s passing is incredibly sad. We had our few political disagreements but he was hugely professional, always probing and persistent, yet also totally trustworthy.


News journalists do a job that some people do not always like, so the journalist’s ambition must be to earn respect, which is quite a challenge in a divided society like ours. Kaba won that universal respect, deservedly so. His work was insightful, authoritative and, at times, provocative but always deserving respect across the political divide. Kaba stood for principles which he strongly felt were right and refused to yield ground, until life was snuffed out of him. His death has triggered nationwide outrage and an outpouring of grief. Kaba may have been silenced by death, but he is with us.

His lifelong battle is not lost. But our collective show of sympathy for our brother must not end with just mere symbolism, but should rather translate into more substantive action. More importantly, Kaba’s death must prompt us to contemplate, besides grieving. People will start the usual post death permutations and attribute his death to so many reasons. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that Kaba lived and died without yielding an inch to her principles. He was steadfast in her conviction and her commitment and courage are something that we need to draw lessons from, particularly when some journalists have generally let their personal scruples and professional standards slip.

Kaba’s death offers us with a rare moment when we can hold a mirror to ourselves and scrutinise whether we measure up to his exacting standard. It is nobody’s case that the positions he took were always correct and naturally, there were people who disagreed with him at times. But it was his single minded devotion to his belief and work that set him apart and earned our respect.

Former President Mahama just posted this on his Facebook wall

“A sad day for us all. Received the shocking news of the passing of Kaba. My condolences to the family, MBG and the media fraternity”
Dr Edward Omane Boamah, Ghana’s immediate former communication minister, posted this on his Facebook wall;

“Kaba why u do me so”

The comments and tributes coming from politicians from all the parties, is something that we need to draw from, particularly when we have let our personal scruples and professional standard slip.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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