Ketu South NDC dismisses 3 people for divulging privileged information

The Executive  Committee of the National Democratic Congress in the Ketu South Constituency of the Volta Region has suspended three of its members, including, the Constituency Director of Elections for three years.
The suspension letters dated August 21, 2017, signed by the Constituency Chairman, Mathew Agbezudor, and intercepted this reporter, asked the three to immediately submit all Party documents and properties in their possession to the Party office.
According to the suspension letter  the three: Doe Kornyoh, William Mensah and Peter K. Atiku have acted contrary to the party’s constitution by forming an Association and given out some sensitive information without recourse to due process.
“The Executive Committee of the Ketu South NDC met on Saturday, 19 August, 2017 and have decided to suspend and suspended you for 3 years in line with Article 46(9)b, 46(8)b and 46(8) c.
Our decision on which Disciplinary Committee’s report is based on Article 47 clause 9 of the Party’s Constitution,” the letters stated in part.
In march this year,  the three were suspended on grounds of forming a Group called “Rebel Group”.
The Party also accused the suspended individuals of divulging a privileged information and insulting the Executives using public radio.
In that said letter, the Director of Elections, Branch Chairman of Alogui, former Deputy Constituency Organiser of the, who also doubles as the current Municipal NADMO Coordinator, as the Founder and Patron of a “Rebel Group” ( Association of NDC Branch Executives),  Doe Kornyoh, William Mensah, the Chairman of the alleged Rebel Group  and Peter K. Atisu as an Executive Member of the Group.
The matter was referred to the Constituency Disciplinary Committee (DC)  for investigations and report.
However, the Executives have rejected the report submitted by the DC, saying the DC has deviated from the term of reference given to it to work with
The Executive Committee, therefore,  has set aside DC’s report by invoking Article 47(9) of the Constitution to dismissed the three  from the NDC for years, with immediate effect.
When contacted, the embattled Director of Elections, Doe Kornyo described the decision taken by the Executive Committee against them as unconstitutional.
Mr. Kornyo noted in his responds that, “it is illegal to do that, the constitution is very clear that it is the recommendation of a constitutionally constituted Disciplinary Committee as an appellant body that determines disciplinary action to be taken against a party member.
Where a Disciplinary Committee gave a recommendation on a matter for implementation, the Executive Committee can not throw that recommendations away and form themselves into a Disciplinary Committee. That amount to illegality”.
 It is illegal to disregard the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee and take a decision against Party member in the interest of individual ambitions, he stated.
He  called on The Constituency Executives to act within the framework of the Party’s Constitution.
Source: Francis Edzorna Mensah

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