The Kufuor-Mahama and Rawlings-Akufo-Addo Politics

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The “newest” political arrangement in town is this assertion that Kufour has adopted Mahama as his political son and Rawlings, Akufo-Addo. It is not only interesting, but it also explains why outsiders describe Ghanaians as unique souls. But we cannot discuss this newest phenomenon without looking at the motives and intents behind this permutations and whether any of the two dominant parties benefits from this arrangement. What are the factors driving this arrangement? Is it genuine love and respect or for personal parochial interest. Negative emotions they say are the great substitute for knowledge. The emotional spectrum is wide and the emotion we routinely see in politics are in different forms some see it as resentment: the milder cousin of emotions, others see it as ordinary disagreements. When others are accused of hatred based on their own actions and statements they vehemently deny it and describe their accusers as being naive, sycophants etc.

But when their opponents are defeated, their normal reaction is what the Germans call Schadenfreude ( Shameful joy)- they derive pleasure from the pain of their opponents. We are in a democracy hence the need to abide strictly to all the democratic tenets. One has to always study all sides of issues on board, weigh arguments and counter arguments and the whole time, have to be careful not to make the disagreement personal. Disagreement based on resentment, in contrast, comes naturally. Resentment requires no effort; it comes to you.And once it takes control of your soul, it swiftly (though inaccurately) answers all your questions. Who’s wrong? Those I resent. Who is bad? Those I resent. Who is corrupt? Those I resent. What unifies the NPP is resentment for the NDC and vice versa. In Nigeria, we saw what happened to the PDP. How Obasanjo made things difficult for Jonathan and his PDP. His grouse with Jonathan was personal and had nothing to do with Nigeria as he claimed. He landed his axe on Jonathan all because Jonathan refused to be teleguided. Obasanjo’s focus was on how he could control and a stooge in power. To him, it didn’t matter what type of government or party it is as long as he controls it and it is headed by his puppet. That was the main reason behind his hatred for Jonathan and ensured that he stopped him at all cost. Jonathan showed Obasanjo maximum respect and accorded him all the access, privileges and courtesies that were due to a former Head of state, a father, mentor and senior member of his party even after Obasanjo consistently attempted to undermine his government and efforts.

And this was what Obasanjo said to justify his hate agenda “I didn’t join them in supporting Buhari; I joined in opposing Jonathan so Buhari was just a beneficiary of my opposition to Jonathan since my position was AOBJ : meaning Any Option But Jonathan”. The former military leader (Obasanjo) said Jonathan and his team had planned to rig the election. Obasanjo said he suspected that Jonathan was not really afraid about life after office but Buhari because to him, Buhari is a hard man he would fight corruption and he [Jonathan] may end up in jail if not in the grave. How different is this from what happened to the NDC under President Mills and President Mahama. In our situation here, we must look at the party likely to benefit or already benefiting from these newest permutations. Yes, the cordial relationship existing between President Kufour and President Mahama is clear to the world. But the he [President Kufour] continue to offer 100% support to his party and the current President. He may have wished his preferred candidate was the one in charge but that personal desire has not affected his love and support for his party and the current President. He attends every programme organised by his party or government. The case of the NDC is the opposite.

We hear the founder make weighty allegations against his party and the former administration without providing evidence to support his claims. One interesting attack is Mills/Mahama refusal to jail political opponents. It must be made clear that Ghanaians will never accept those old military type of trials and actions under this dispensation. Democratic leadership attempts to manage with democratic principles and that was exactly Mills and Mahama going to be the how all other NDC Presidents would operate. NDC is not Ghana and that sacred fact must be established here. Handlers of the party from branch to National should focus on making the party more attractive and appealing to Ghanaians in general not only hardcore members. What the founder should understand is that with the kind of vibrant youth we have in the party now, it is dangerous to watch them hold onto the feeling of unfair treatment and neglect all the time and begin to feel like victims chronically. If we allow that to surface or happen, we will see them use this stance to push their way through and will not augur well for the party and the founder himself.


Disagreement based on resentment, in contrast, comes naturally. Resentment also requires no effort; it comes to you. And ones you become enslaved by it, it swiftly( though inaccurately) answers all your questions. Who is wrong? Those I resent. Who is corrupt? Those i resent. Who are those opposed to probity and accountability? Those i resent. So it means those you resent are those who stand in the way of all good things? We all know how tough the founder was when it comes to corruption issues. Why has he suddenly gone silent on corruption in this administration? You see, his explanation that he must first clear the mess in his party is unconvincing. When he took arms against the SMC and the Limann administration he spoke about corruption in Ghana and promised was going to clear the mess in the country. There was no NDC and I think he must adhere to that principle. Many great men lost their greatness because of manipulations here and there by their wives. In the scriptures we have many of such instances including the great Apple of Eve and Adam. Yea, you can display all the love antics before the cameras but remember, he has something special God has blessed him with and was given to him not the wife.

Founder, one person I love and admire so much, advised party folks at the cape coast stadium to be weary of the Danquah/Busia elements and their modus operandi. Unfortunately for the NDC and the founder himself it seems they have successfully worked on him using one of their diabolic tricks. He can no longer operate the way he did years ago because of this subtle manipulation via the wife. But some of us are still on our knees pleading that goes back to his old cherished ways.

The Party must also watch this emerging trend. Blocks and factions must have no place in the Congress it is dangerous and can disintegrate this wonderful organisation. Because of its composition, every former President of the party will become a force in the party. Prof Mills is dead and gone but trust me, he has huge admirers in the party. I need not give narratives about John Mahama. We’ve all seen the kind of support he commands in the party from the grassroot level to the topmost. Thank God be still sees Rawlings as his father, leader, founder and boss and accords him all the respect the founder deserves where ever they meet. The Npp losses nothing if this permutations and their associated intrigues continue. It is so because of the party’s composition and history. Danquah and Busia are gone. We have pro- Danquah and Busia groups but fortunately for them, the Akan phenomenon always binds them together. The NDC is an amalgamation of all tribes etc. The party appears stronger than the npp because of its multi tribal outlook but if it allows unnecessary internal clashes to dominate its activities may suffer serious bruises. This is the reason why no group or camp should see the founder’s current posture as pedestal to advance its agenda. You see, negative emotions do not require knowledge it is the best substitute for knowledge. The party must always focus on the bigger picture and the numerous Ghanaians who aren’t too political.


Personally I see no competition going forward if the former President decides to contest for the Presidential Candidate Slot. Look, people are really suffering, others have been sacked because of their perceived links to the NDC, those who didn’t vote in the last elections are more than determined to vote in 2020 because of what they witnessing under this administration, the international community are waiting for his return and his great achievements are there to see. No time for experimentation after all, Nana Addo has shown us that “Try Me” is a dangerous concept. So, my focus is on how we can communicate nicely with and to the Ghanaian, how we can get the founder and all aggrieved persons on board for the 2020 move.

The party must use John Mahama’s next four years to design a solid succession structure. The NDC cannot and should play the npp game plan.

We are social democrats and must always adhere to all the ethics of the ideology.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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