KULA makes James Town goe gey

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British Accra-James Town, a popular coastal suburb of Accra, over the weekend went gay as scores of people from all walks of life and nationality thronged the place to celebrate the “chale Wate” festival organized by the chiefs and people of “Ga Mashie”.

Chale Wate, literally meaning, “Friend, let’s go” is an annual festival of the chiefs and people of Ga Mashie to bring together friends, families, relations, etc. It also invites people from both neighboring and distant countries especially those from the Diaspora.

The festival also showcases locally manufactured goods, such as fabrics, sandals, ornaments, artefacts and artistry of all sorts.

On display during this time were Ghanaian dishes, drinkables, both local and foreign, and many more. It thus offer a chance for brisk businesses in all forms.

It is also an occasion of merry-making, unionization and sociability since all manner of people gather there amidst the festivities.

This year’s was no exception as thousands of people converged at the “Mantse Agbona” and its environs on last Saturday and Sunday.

The crowd that gathered there was so milling and intense that, it virtually became impenetrable.

In fact, the gathering stretched from the Holy Trinity Cathedral on the Atta Mills High Street to the Fire Service Training School near the chocked Korle Lagoon.

For two days running, the crowd did not only keep milling, but also boiling, amidst great festivity and merry-making.

Drinking spots and sound systems blurring loud and deafening sounds were spotted all over. On the Mantse Agbona Park, where much of activities took place was a live band, on a large platform which did not only feature life band, but also instrumentalists as well as cultural displays.

It was on this platform that Kula, a young Hip-Life Artiste mounted in the evening of Sunday, thus holding his audience not only spell-bound, but also sending them into frenzy, as they sang alongside him and danced and jumped to his contagious songs.

It all came to a heed, when the musician started singing his hip-life prayer song for success of his handiwork.

He thus threw the place not only into ecstasy but also a frenzy situation since his audience could not help but sing and dance to his melodious and contagious tunes.

Source: S.O. Ankamah || ghananewsonline.com.gh

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