Kumi Guitar drops his ‘Problem’ again

Ghanaian artist, Kumi Guitar is back as he has recently released a new single titled ‘Problem’. The single is all about the importance of raising kids right, which is no doubt a very important topic to bring up.

Two years back, when Kumi dropped a single ‘Mmaa Time’, he was criticized for giving a message of looking down on men and treating women well. The stories were unending with encounters from all points including media especially radio moderators and general public as well.

After the period of two years, Kumi Guitar feels it’s now time for him to turn the table and to support the folks as Ghanaian artist, Ebony has recently dropped another banger tilted ‘Sponsor’ in which she has given the women another major buildup.

In the song ‘Problem’, Kumi has discussed women being over dependent to men while indicating them that the people who are to deal with them ought to be their fathers and moms (guardians). However, it’s an amazing song which is perfect for streets, parties and celebrations.

Listen to the song and don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments section. Stay with us for more music updates.

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