Land Guards take over Miotso

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Nene Awuley II, Chief of Miotso, is urging the police to up their patrol of the area to clamp down on land guards who have been brutalising legitimate developers and other property owners.

He said the invasion of Miotso by the land guards has made many residents and developers to flee the town, which is fast developing and becoming a household name because of Central University.

He told The Chronicle in a telephone interview that despite several bloody clashes, as a result of the activities of the land guards, the police are yet to deal with the law-breakers.

“As a chief and landlord of Miotso, sometimes I fear for my life and that of my family and residents,” he noted.

He mentioned certain names (withheld) as the ring leaders of the land guards, most of who reside at Dawhenya, near Miotso, in the Ningo-Prampram District.

Nene Awuley II explained that residents who own lands and other properties on Numo Botchway and Awuley family lands are legitimate owners.

He, therefore, could not understand why the land guards would terrorise legitimate landlords who duly acquired their properties from the Miotso stool.

Nene Awuley II told The Chronicle that the land guards have had the field day to carry out their terror on the residents because the police had relaxed their day and night patrols.

The nephew of Nene Awuley II, Johnny Botchway, whose father was gruesomely murdered by some alleged uniformed police personnel, told The Chronicle that the land guards are wielding guns and machetes and other offensive weapons and can be seen riding on motor bikes.

He said a large tract of land belonging to the Miotso stool, near Central University, had been encroached upon by the land guards.

“They sometimes shoot indiscriminately to scare away proper owners of the land, who want to visit their lands to develop them,” Johnny alleged.

He corroborated his uncle’s call on the police to intensify their day and night patrols of Miotso to enable the legitimate landlords to develop their lands.

Concluding, he said “the trauma the land guards are putting residents and children through is unbearable and the security agency is needed to come and protect us. We are vulnerable.”

Source: Inusa Musah || The Chronicle

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