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Lawyer for Defiled Girl Slams Police for Shirking Responsibility

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The Ghana Police Service has come under severe criticism from Justice Abdulai, lawyer for a 15 year old Yemen national, Jebril Al Salami Oud, who has been defiled by her 60 year old grandfather, Mohammed Mahamood, a. k. a Omar of throwing their prosecutorial mandate to the dogs in pursuit of parochial and vested interest.

He said after all the incontrovertible facts and palpable evidence including a defilement medical report from the Police hospital in Accra were made available to officials of the Ghana police service, for a whole year, the police service has failed to prosecute the 60 year old Yemen national based in Ghana.

Because of the actions and inactions of the Ghana police service, Lawyer Abdulai said Mohammed Mahamood is “walking free”, “gallivanting” and “globetrotting”.

“Because of the failure of the police to prosecute the Yemen national it has emboldened him and is abusing the laws of the country with impunity. Per video and pictorial evidence showed Journalists at a press conference in Accra, the 60 year old is alleged to have imported deadly weapons into Ghana and is seen in the video using the guns at a residence on the Spintex road, a suburb of Accra to threaten the family of the defiled girl.

On December 2017, Omar, who is said to have a plethora of passports with deferent names, is alleged to have drugged and defiled her 15 year old granddaughter, Jebril Al Salami Oud, after luring her into his car under the pretext of sending her to school. After the alleged sexual ordeal perpetrated by Omar, he is said to have dumped the teenager on the street with her clothes torn, body badly bruised with blood all over her body.

Lawyer Abdulai said the Kwabenya police examined Jebril Al Salami Oud and came to the conclusion that, she was defiled. They sent her to the police hospital in Accra where further medical examination confirmed that she had indeed been defiled.

A report according to the lawyer was made at Madina police station following which Mohammed Mahamood was arrested. After his arrest, the 60 year old Yemen national is said to have approached the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Sharabutu to intervene in the matter. At the said meeting with the Chief Imam, Mohammed Mahamood confessed defiling the 15 year old teenager, attributing it to the work of the devil and pleaded for forgiveness.

According to the lawyer of Jebril Al Salami Oud, the Chief Imam washed his hands off the case after the family of the defiled teenager told the Chief Imam that the matter was criminal matter hence should be handled by the police and the court.

For a year, after the provision of all the facts and the evidence concerning the case were made to the police, Abdulai said justice has eluded them. The family is therefore courting the support of the media and higher authorities to intervene in the matter for Jebril Al Salami Oud to get justice.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa

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