Legal Resource Centre Launches Justice for Children Project

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The Legal Resource Centre (LRC) – a nongovernmental organisation funded by the European Union (EU) has launched the Justice for Children project to aid juveniles who comes into conflict with the law.

The project is aimed at facilitating a review and amendment of child related legislations in Ghana.

Speaking at the launch on the theme of bridging the gap between the legislature and practice, coordinator of the project, Clarke Noyoru Esq, said, justice for children who contravenes the law should be well addressed.

He hinted that, such issues must be well addressed using the juvenile justice system approach.

“Justice for children in conflict with the law should be properly addressed by authorities and not with incompetence,” he noted.

He said, the justice system gives children some privileges so cases involving them must be handled in ways that would not expose them to abuse.

He said, the motivation behind this project is to address the justice for children policy and highlight areas more appropriately.

Mr. Noyoru further reiterated that the centre would use the appropriate legislation to focus more on addressing the legal rights of children who flouts the law laid down legislation.

He also said the security personnel would be well involved in this programme on how to undertake the security role when juveniles are found guilty of the law.

“The project would provide legal assistance to at least 350 juveniles in conflict with the law in all the regions and train about 500 security officers,” he noted

According to him, the project would enhance the capabilities of security and law enforcement agencies to effectively promote the child justice system in Ghana.

He stated, the training and capacity building of individuals with direct contacts with juveniles would guarantee procedural consistency, knowledge enhancement on protection and development of child rights.

The Director of the department of children at the Ministry of Children, Gender  and Social Protection, Helena Asamoah Obeng, who spoke on behalf of the sector minister gave the assurance of the ministry’s willingness to collaborate with the NGO for a successful outcome.

She said the project is in line with the drafted programmes at the ministry and so would ensure the right approach to justice for children is assured.

Source: NII Aflah Sackey






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