Lessons Learnt, Never Again shall the NDC neglect it’s Grassroots – Joshua Akamba

The outspoken Deputy National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Hamidu Akamba, has assured that the party has learnt it’s lessons after the 2016 electoral defeat and that never again would the party ever neglect it’s grassroots.

Joshua Akamba made this known in his New Year message to party footsoldiers recently.

Among other issues raised in the statement, the Deputy National Organizer admonished party members to support the leadership of the party in the reorganization process, adopt branches each and help make the registration exercise very successful.

He further advised party members to at all times, make the Unity of the party their top most priority and ensure that whatever they do, they remain united in the party and shun any move that would lead them into disarray.


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