Let’s Improve Our Coaching System

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Undoubtedly, Ghana is blessed with a lot of talented players and it is pathetic our football is not making a headway in Caf and Fifa organized competitions due to the fact that the coaching system in Ghana is not encouraging at all and needs more room for improvement on the part of our local coaches. Tactically all indications prove wrong to many local coaching systems which accordingly is not helping to improve the player to become more tactful during games they play.

It is about time the coaching system in Ghana improve upon the teaching situation that can adapt into the player the required playing plan techniques and skills. A typical example was seen in last year’s India U-17 World Cup tournament. We had a good and promising team which could have clinched the ultimate but our team was kicked out from the tournament all because the handlers had only one game plan. As we have always been saying “there are so many ways to kill a cat” then it means in anything we seek to attain we should have plan A, B, C, D to be able achieve our desired results.

For a team to be successful in matches they play it has to have different variation in terms of tactics.  Black Starlets even though had good quality but lost to USA and Mali from the bench based on the following lacking coaching techniques that is game analytical information to counter the opponents game plan, when our team was using only one game plan that uses the two wingers to penetrate the opponents line breaking to connect shooters had been under studied by the handlers of USA and Mali.

Our U-17 handlers failed to under study their opponents game plan to be able to match them boot for boot to overpower them to clinch victory. Let’s be informed that coaching needs more to be done to improve upon situations during games where the tactician can switch from one game plan to another after a few seconds under study of their opponents game plan or style of play.

In Black Starlets encounter with USA and Mali you will notice their coaches had thoroughly under studied our team’s style of play which depended on initiating a dangerous attack from the main two wingers to break the line in front of the opponents half for shooters to connect and score easily.

You can find solutions to a problem only when you have been able to critically examine it. Coaches of both nations who managed to beat our promising team Black Starlets made sure our powerful engine that is our two wingers were made inactive. As a result our attacking using the middle to break the penetration lines seemed not working at all and it means that coaching need more coordination to offer support form angles to make a winning team for mother Ghana.

If Ghanaian coaches fail to accept support from sources then the nation’s ambition to win the World Cup from the juvenile level to the senior level will not be possible.

Source – Coach J.O. Amponsah & Michael Kessey (0243475197/0244548693/0507082677)

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